SUES Issues Invitation to Global Talents


Days ago, President Xia Jianguo, on behalf of SUES, called for global talents on the column - “Presidents from Universities in Shanghai, China TalkaboutTalent Introduction” of Science: “on the route of building SUES into a modern application-oriented university, SUES can not go without support ofhigh-level faculty teams. SUES will give a good play of all-inclusive Shanghai economy, provide domestic and overseas talents with good living and working environment and expand their career development opportunities.”

In the 13th Five-year Plan, SUES has put the strategy of “enhancing the university by talents” as one of the core strategies on the development agenda. SUES has set up a special talent leading group, which actively deploys and guides the talent work from theideological and operational perspectives. SUES requires that new policies should be made to supportintroduction of talents and strengthen construction of the“three-type”administrative organs to servetalents; the talent leading group has set the talentoffice, which will serve talents in a standardized, humane and delicatemanner. SUES would create an environment appropriate for career development and make the best use of their talents.

Li Jiang, Party Secretary of SUES, points at SUES talentmeeting that we shoulddeeply understand the bottlenecks and causes of the current talentwork, summarize and reflect on the prominent issues from the aspects of ideology,institution & system and cultural atmosphere. He stresses that the university’s talent work shall closely center aroundhistorical opportunities relating to national “double-first class” construction, construction of ShanghaiScience&TechnologyInnovationCenter and Shanghai Education Reform Pilot Area so as to achieve a new leap in talent work; we should profoundly promote the strategy of “enhancing the university by talents”with the spirits of reform and innovation from the five aspects of scientific talent view, talent development projects, talent echelon construction, talent system and talent development environment and strive to create a new situation for the talent work. 

President Xia Jianguo has remarked at several meetings that we should further enhance understanding of the importance of talent work, strengthen the research of talent development rules closely in line with three grand goals of SUES and further promote the strategy of “enhancing the university by talents” with ideology of “high station and wide fieldvision”; we should resolve thetalent bottlenecks and short board of four aspects of the talent work, and optimize the structure of talents, enhance academic influence, play the main role of secondary schools in order to provide talent guaranty for accelerative realization of the three goals.

Currently, SUES has made a breakthrough inintroduction of high-end talents. In 2016, SUES introduced one national-one-thousand-plan scholar (full-time staff) and three national-one-thousand-plan scholars (flexible-term staff); two teachers were approved as young oriental scholars 2; and two teachers were approved  to participate inShanghai Talent development Funding Project.

While introducing high-end talents, SUES also makes efforts to cultivate high-end talents. SUES has made the three talent plans -Zhihong Plan,Tengfei Plan and Zhanchi Plan so as to build a good career development platform for talents. So we can really make talents willing to stay and work here with affection, good working environment, good payment and promising career future. 

In the spring of this year, the Personnel Department and other 10 schools and departments (includingSchool of Mechanical Engineering, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, School of Management, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, School of Automotive Engineering, Sino-Korean School of Multimedia Design,Sino-French IFA Institute of Fashion Designer,School of Urban Rail Transportation, School of Fundamental Studies, Engineering Training Center) participated in 11 domestic special job fairs for post-graduates and Ph. Doctors. They have traveled across 10 provinces. SUES has release recruitment brochures on the websites and forums of 63 universities and/or colleges. We gradually create a new situation for talent recruitment by respective schools and further promote talent introduction.

As far as we know, SUES has conducted recruitmentwork in 10 universities, inclusive of East China University of Science and Technology, Nanjing University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University. For each recruitment activity, the propaganda work would be targeted to the related universities, job-related offices and websites, doctoral tutors and counselors. The job fairs were welcomed by numerous doctoral graduates, and they came to our booth in an endless stream. It should be especially mentioned that at the site of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Talent Exchange Center (11th) Senior Talent Fair in Beijing, leaders from six schools of SUES patiently answered questions raised by candidates. They went to great lengths to seize talent competition opportunities and enhanced the effect of talent introduction.

At present, the spring recruitment work temporarily comes to an end, but the propaganda work is still under way in an orderly manner. SUES will continue to draw lessons from practical work experience, make ample investigation and improverecruitment work so as to provide a better reference for future recruitmentand boost our talentintroduction to a new level.