Sino-Korean School of Multimedia Design

4-year undergraduate program; Bachelor of Arts


Features: this training program is cooperatively conducted by SUES and Dongseo University of South Korea.


In line with the concept of “cultivating students into digital media art design talents with global vision and establishing a future-oriented Sino-foreign cooperative design major”, and under the guidance of “fusion of art and industry and combination of industry and teaching”, the School actively introduces Korean excellent digital media education resources, tracks the development trend of international digital media industry, organically combines international digital media design, art style and digital media technology with local Chinese culture, and give a full play to Sino-Korean teachers’ background advantages of close connection with international digital media industry elite enterprises; by adopting the leading cooperative training mode and innovative digital media teaching system, the School cultivates students into composite digital media art and design talents with characteristics of “internationalization , high-quality and potent ability”. “3 +1” training mode in the university: 3 years’ learning in SUES, 1 year’s professional learning in Dongseo University for credit recognition, and then student will obtain realistic course certificate. Korean East and West University course realism certificate. Qualified graduates may obtain diploma and degree certificate of SUES.


Main Courses: Basic courses in Art, Creative Methods, Basic Courses of Digital Design, Computer Image Processing Courses, 3D Video Creation Courses, Digital Media Content Design Courses, Digital Video Design Courses, Digital Media Art Engineering Courses and related practice teachings.


Employment Orientation: graduates of this Major are mainly employed by domestic and foreign cultural and creative industries, digital content industry, digital media and other related enterprises and institutions; they can engage in digital media planning, digital image design, game animation design, virtual interactive applications, etc.; they can also engage in digital media art design research and teach in a college. Previous graduates are working at such enterprises as Shanghai TV, Netease, Baidu, Crystal, the ninth city, Global Digital, Zhangjiang Chao Yi and other well-known enterprises in the industry, or have further study in Korea, America, Britain, France and Japan.