Sino-French IFA Institute of Fashion Designer

4-year undergraduate program; Bachelor of Arts


Features: this Major is a undergraduate training program cooperatively conducted by our University and the International Fashion Institute.


The School introduces famous French professors and designers to undertake teaching with Chinese teacher in line with the concept of integration of “art, technology and market”, applies the internationalized teaching mode and the advanced French teaching system of costume design. English and French bilingual teaching is conducted in the classroom, and students’ creative thinking is much emphasized in the classroom teaching. The School strengthens cultural fusion of international fashion with oriental fashion culture, attentively maintain theoretical knowledge instruction and professional practice in a side-by-side manner, strengthens instruction of core technology regarding senior fashion production. The students are expected to be trained into first-class high-quality application-oriented talents who: can adapt to the needs of  new century clothing culture; have a good grasp of clothing culture, clothing design theory, clothing brand marketing management concepts; are proficient at fashion production technology; have international awareness, unique personality and innovative design capabilities .


Main courses: core European curriculums will be introduced, including: Fashion Design, Three-Dimensional Cutting, Plane Cutting, Free Creative Clothing Design, Sewing Technology, Fabric Identification, other theoretical courses and practical teachings. China’s specialty curriculums: Fundamentals of Clothing Structure, The Traditional Chinese Clothing Design And Production, Chinese And Foreign Clothing History, Clothing Hand-Dyeing, Hand-Woven, Design, Creative Fabric Transformation, Digital Fashion Design, Clothing Brand Strategy, Dress Collocation Design Theory and practical teachings.


Employment Orientation: graduates may work at Chinese and foreign garment enterprises, professional design and design centers and large multinational corporations, media institutions, foreign trade companies, universities or other relevant enterprises and institutions, and engage in modern high fashion design, clothing design, Clothing Patterning, etc.; they can create original clothing brand and carry out fashion design teaching.