International Professors Program


In order to implement the medium and long-term education reform and development outlines of the nation and Shanghai, expand the opening-up of education, introduce high-quality educational resources, accelerate the pace of internationalization of education, improve the level of discipline construction and the quality of talents, and enhance the school’s comprehensive competitiveness, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission launched “International Professors Program” in 2011, and support and fund the Program.

International Professors Program aims to support and fund universities in Shanghai to recruit teachers and researchers of high professional level to teach and launch cooperative researches in Shanghai. University students in Shanghai will receive direct guidance from the overseas teachers, and the scientific research levels and connotation development of the universities will be promoted.

Qualifications and Requirements:

1. Be capable of working at least 60 days at SUES annually;

2. Be younger than 65;

3. Be of great learning and scholarship with significant international influence in disciplinary fields and established achievements universally acknowledged in the relevant fields

Meet one of the following criteria:

(1) Published important academic works or articles in core journals in the international academic circles;

(2) Served once in or hold the key post in leading academic associations or research institutes in relevant disciplines;

(3) Be key reviewers or editors of core journals in relevant academic fields;

(4) Be keynote speakers at the relevant academic conferences;

(5) Awarded for their major contributions to the relevant academic fields;

(6) Served once or hold the post of resident conductors, directors, leading artists / performers in art performing troupes;

(7) Be world-famous artists in painting, sculpturing, and art designing with their creations well-known for their originality and novelty.

Benefits: An annual allowance for the daily costs and travel expenses.