[Going out of the Campus to Promote Development] Shanghai Airlines: Deepening Cooperation to Enhance Management Service Level



Editor’s note: the university-enterprise cooperation between SUES and Shanghai Airlines is a typical example of school-industry cooperation which greatly promotes local social-economic development. Through communication, the two sides clearly define the direction of personnel training and the focus of scientific research. SUES will make full use of teaching and scientific research resources to cater to and meet the development needs of Shanghai Airlines in all-round manner and through multiple channels so as to contribute to the takeoff of China’s civil aviation industry.

On the afternoon of February 28th, Party Secretary of SUES Li Jiang, Deputy Secretary and President Xia Jianguo, Deputy Secretary and Vice President Zhu Xiaoqing, Vice Presidents Liu Wujun, Yao Xiuping, and Wang Yansong led the deans and directors of relevant departments and schools to visit our cooperative enterprise Shanghai Airlines Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shanghai Airlines”) and extend the New Year blessings to Shanghai Airlines. Chief Pilot of China Eastern Airlines Co., Ltd. Shi Fukang, General Manager of Shanghai Airlines Wang Hong, Party Secretary of Shanghai Airlines Mao Weimi and other leaders exchanged their greetings with SUES leaders. Both sides talked about their development status and future prospects, docked the mutual needs in the course of development and explored new cooperative directions and areas.

Party Secretary of SUES Li Jiang expressed gratitude to Shanghai Airlines for its support and assistance for the development of SUES. Secretary Li pointed out that as a local university that serves the needs of local economic development, SUES orients its schooling both to disciplines and to industries and has always been committed to cultivating applied talents. SUES benefits a lot from the support provided by enterprises and its adherence of university-industry cooperation. In regards to the needs of Shanghai Airlines for personnel training and management upgrading, SUES will give a full play to the advantages of applied research and technical services, complete docking and services, promote a joint university-enterprise research, solve practical technical problems, and reflect the value “triple-cooperation” mode of school-running. He also proposed that teachers should deepen their practice in the industry, strengthen their understanding and familiarity with the industry and enterprises, train students in close proximity to the needs of industry companies, and reflect the new highlights of the university-enterprise collaborative development. With the development of China’s aviation industry, both the university and the enterprise should continue to explore new growth points. While the School of Air Transportation/Flying should understand the development direction of the industry, listen to the industry’s prospects for the development of the industry and the training of personnel, and then act in accordance with the situation and formulate its development goals. A linkage mechanism shall be established for both parties’ cooperation. SUES will combine its efforts with the development of China’s transportation industry and China’s aviation industry, promote the construction of “curriculum ideology” and deepen moral education while imparting professional knowledge.

Deputy Secretary and President Xia Jianguo said during the talk that SUES attaches great importance to the cooperation with Shanghai Airlines. Predecessors of both sides wisely made a strategic and scientific decision to jointly build the School of Air Transportation/Flying, which will contribute to the development of SUES, Shanghai Airlines and the civil aviation industry in China Shanghai Airlines puts forward new requirements for personnel training and SUES responds positively. The school-running of SUES is based on the social-economic development of Shanghai, and is guided by the needs of enterprises and the dislocation service. The cooperative action between both sides is gradually advancing, and action requires the integration of production and education, the integration of universities and enterprises, the integration of education and industry, and the integration of disciplines and products. In the future, SUES will continue to be demand-oriented, develop itself through contribution, make full use of teaching and research resources and establish “instant-response-to-your demand” mechanism so as to crater to the development needs of Shanghai Airlines through multiple channels and in an all-round manner. The two sides will, in line with the principle of win-win, create new platforms, expand new space, and promote the establishment of a university-enterprise community of destiny through frequent communication mechanisms and emotional connections,

General Aviation Engineer of China Eastern Airlines Co., Ltd. and general manager of Shanghai Airlines Shi Fukang extended a warm welcome to SUES leaders and its delegations. He remarked that the cooperation between Shanghai Airlines and SUES has a long history and bright prospects. In future, both sides should succeed to cooperate with each other in a perfect way. The talents greatly sought by Shanghai Airlines, especially those specialized in flight, crew, maintenance, control, and security are dependent on cultivation by SUES. He hoped that SUES would be able to timely adjust the training plan and training mode according to the actual needs of the enterprise, and guarantee the quantity and quality of professional talents. He also hopes to achieve deeper exploratory cooperation in the future, with an emphasis on soft management, especially on empirical management and regulatory management. Security will be taken as the main research direction, and large data resources will be used to gradually establish a corporate research management system. Both sides should deepen the refinement of service products and improve the technology management level.

At the exchange meeting, Vice President Wang Yansong proposed our ideas for cooperation in scientific research, platform construction, and establishment of mechanisms. The party and administrative leaders of the School of Air Transportation and the general managers of the departments under Shanghai Airlines made an exchange statement on both personnel training and cooperation.