[Getting out of the Campus to promote Development] Shentong Metro: Developing New Demands for the Standard Industry and Promoting New Levels of Strategic Cooperation



Editor’s note: Setting sail for a new journey after sincere cooperation for more than ten years. The relationship between SUES and Shentong Metro originated in 2005, and both sides have achieved fruitful results in the past 13 years. In the new era, SUES will closely follow the national development strategic layout, take the initiative to serve the local social-economic development in Shanghai, further consolidate and develop the strategic relationship between SUES and enterprises, match the new needs of the development of the enterprise, find new dynamics in the development of the enterprise, and continuously enhance the cooperation between the school and enterprise to higher energy levels.

On April 18th, Party Secretary of SUES Li Jiang, Deputy Party Secretary and President of SUES Xia Jianguo, Deputy secretary and Vice President of SUES Zhu Xiaoqing, and Vice President Liu Wujun led the deans and/or directors of relevant departments and schools to pay a exchange visit to Shanghai Shentong Metro Group Co., Ltd. Party Secretary and Chairman of Shentong Yu Guangyao, Deputy Secretary of Ge Shiping, Chief Engineer of Group Corporation Liu Chunjie, and Heads of the Party Construction Work Department, Training Center, Technology Center, Human Resources Department and General Office attended the exchange meeting.

At the meeting, Party Secretary Li Jiang, on behalf of the Party Committee of SUES, expressed sincere thanks to Shentong for its great support for the development of SUES. He pointed out that the strategic cooperation with Shentong Group is a model of university-enterprise cooperation in school-running,and the results are very significant. He emphasized that both sides must stand on the new historical opportunity for the development of rail transit, continuously consolidate and deepen cooperation and friendship, and jointly promote the development of Shanghai’s rail transit. Looking into the future, he expressed three wishes: first, both sides should firmly seize the epochal opportunity of building China into “a traffic power” and push forward the new development of Shanghai’s rail transit undertakings; second, both sides should actively pursue the joint scientific research of “cross-border integration” within our university, promote the joint application and research of large-scale scientific research projects between SUES and enterprises, and explore new mechanisms for cooperation between SUES and enterprises; third, both sides should continue to enrich the connotation of synergistic education, and both parties should work together to teach a series of courses on “Transportation China” and highlight the result of “moral education” in the new era.

Deputy Party Secretary and President of SUES Xia Jianguo reviewed the school-running process with Shentong Metro and the achievements of the university-enterprise cooperation, and explained with strength the original intention of “accommodating the leaping development of urban rail transit, giving full play to their professional advantages, and actively serving the development of local industries in Shanghai.” He pointed out that this year marks the 40th anniversary of the foundation of SUES. The reform and development of SUES has entered a new era and launched a new journey. SUES has established new development goals and put forward three strategies of “developing strategies with talents, distinctive development, and international development”. Steady progress has been made in the transformation of SUES from a “teaching-type” university to a “teaching-and-researching” university, and SUES’ core competitiveness and social influence have also been gradually enhanced. President Xia stressed that Shentong Metro is a strategic cooperative partner of our university, and SUES will take the development needs of the enterprise as the starting point and further seek new cooperation space. It is hoped that Shentong Metro can provide more support for the development of the school. It also hopes that a breakthrough in application for a national-level projects can be achieved through organizing an interdisciplinary scientific research team and establishing a practical base (center).

Party Secretary of Shanghai Shentong Metro Group Co., Ltd. Yu Guangyao warmly welcomed the leaders of SUES. He fully affirmed the achievements of the project in recent years and praised SUES’ courage and vigor forreform and innovation. He introduced the development plan and strategic layout of the Shanghai Metro in ultra-large-scale road network construction, safety performance guarantee and service level enhancement, and delivered constructive opinions and work plans for further cooperation between the university and enterprise.

During the exchange, Wang Anbin, a special professor of the National Thousand Talents Program, gave an exchange statement on the advancement of scientific research projects.