“Science Store” Won the Science Education Creation Award



On November 8, Shanghai Science Education Creation Award Ceremony was held. “Science Store” from our university successfully stood out among more than 100 projects and won the Third Prize of Science Education. This is the first prize in this field for our university.

Approved by Shanghai Science Committee, registered under the Ministry of Science and Technology, Shanghai Science Education Creation Award was established by Shanghai Science Education Development Foundation in 2012, which is the first one funded by social resources and is the most influential award in science education in Shanghai. The preparatory work started in May and 116 projects attended the competition.

The Science Store from our university is the pioneer of our science education, which was supported by the leaders of different levels. This project also got help from different departments and stood out from the crowds after fierce competition and won the glory in the end.

The store was established in 2009. Over the past 6 years, the head store was leaded by the Youth League Committee,which later was expanded into 10 Science Service Divisions and 11 branches in Songjiang District, Qingpu District and Huangpu District. Based on the basic need for science and the heated issues in people’s livihood, the store has provided services over 60,000 times. Besides the regular activities, the head store put together all the good educational resources to create eight programs such as “A Large Suburban Science Education Tour Service”, “Science Education Community Service Center”, “Mythbusters Station”, “Chengpu Cup Creative Design Contest”, “The Two-way Science Feeding Project”, “Teenager Science Education Habbit Fostering Plan”, “School-enterprise Joint Science Service Program”and “The modern traffic science exhibition plan”. Out science store is welcomed and popular because they offer the menu service and classified science education.

Our science will keep moving forward and the first college students science store internet radio program, named “Tonight, Let’s talk about scence”, was realsed recently, which attracted the attention of Songjiang District Science Committee. And “Songjiang Science Education” will post the information on its official WeChat. Our science store established “Small Enterprise Science Association” with 10 small enterprises and this will satisfy the need of scientific creation. Qingpu Science Committee thought highly of our science store and asked our university to design the “science education service month” project for them, which will come out soon. And a traditional culture science education practice base will be set up based on Qingpu Zhujiajiao cultural area. The first university web video program, Rumor Busters,  will be released online very soon. In this program, some specialists will invited to identify some scientific rumors. Our science store will make some plays and cross talks about science education to face the suburban conditions.