SUES Students Won the First Prize Again and Entered the National Finals in the 8th Shanghai University Engineering Training Comprehensive Ability Competition

From November 30 to December 2, at the Eighth Shanghai University Engineering training Comprehensive Ability Competition and the Sixth National Engineering Training Comprehensive Ability Competition Preliminary Contest held by Shanghai Dianji University, the participating teachers and students of SUES made unremitting efforts in adjusting tactics and seeking coping strategies on the spot, and finally won the outstanding results of 2 top prizes, 5 first prizes and 3 second in Shanghai. Among them, under the guidance of teachers Lu Chenhui and Zhang Chunyan of the School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, Cai Tingyong, Cao Jiapei, and Sun Yifei formed a Mechanical 8 regular season team, which stood out from the 13 teams participating in the regular season, won a national ticket in 2019 with the highest total score, and will represent Shanghai in the national finals of the project.

As the Shanghai preliminary contest of the sixth National University Students' Engineering Training Comprehensive Ability Competition, it has set up new and more challenging items, so the scale of the competition has further increased. It has attracted more than 500 participants of 84 teams from 14 colleges and universities in the city. The competition was sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, hosted by the Shanghai Dianji University, and attended by Sang Biao, director of the higher Education Department of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. A number of members of the steering Committee for Comprehensive Engineering Training and Teaching of the Ministry of Education, chairmen of the National Society of Metalworking Education and of various regions of the Engineering training Association, and other experts guided and observed the final.

The National University Students' Engineering Training Comprehensive Ability Competition, based on the domestic universities' comprehensive engineering training & teaching platform. is a disciplinary scientific and technological innovation competition activity carried out to deepen the experimental teaching reform , increase the college students' engineering innovation consciousness, practical ability and team cooperation spirit, and promote the training of innovative personnel.


With the support of the Office of Academic Affairs, the Engineering Training Center  organized the pre-competition in SUES. Thirty-six student teams from all the colleges in the university participated in the tryout. After the competition, ten teams composed of 30 students from the colleges of Mechanical and Automotive engineering and School of Urban stood out  and participated in the municipal finals on behalf of SUES. During the preparation period, they worked very hard to constantly study new project schemes and optimize and improve the old project models. They made the laboratory their home and worked hard. After hard work, they finally lived up to their expectations and achieved excellent results in the city-level finals and won the national finals held next year.

After the game, students said that through the study of mechanical principles, mechanical design and other professional basic courses, they have a certain understanding of mechanical construction and theoretical knowledge. The basic training of the Engineering training Center has aroused their great interest in mechanical design and manufacture.

Through the teacher's guidance, they strove to make every part of the perfect out, and worked night and day for assembly and commissioning. However,there was no weariness on their faces at the moment, only triumphant smiles of joy. But there was no weariness on their faces at the moment, only triumphant smiles of joy. This competition not only enabled students to learn a lot of knowledge that can not be learned in class, but also fostered innovative thinking and enhanced hands-on practice ability and team spirit. The holding of this competition also gave new significance to the professional certification under the New Engineering Education concept.

    It is reported that the 9th Shanghai University Students Engineering Training Comprehensive Ability Competition will be held by the Engineering Training Center of SUES. At the closing ceremony, professor Xu Xincheng, director of the Engineering Training Center of our university, said at the flag-giving ceremony, SUES will provide better service to everyone and do our best to organize this event“.