SUES Volunteers Successfully Completed the Volunteer Service of the First China International Import Expo(CIIE)

The first China International Import Expo(CIIE)was held in Shanghai from November 5 to 10. A total of 111 SUES volunteers were selected to participate in the Expo's services, in the Expo's integrated office, document center, integrated service hall and catering areas and other important places. They provided high-quality, considerate and professional services to the 800,000 Chinese and foreign guests and exhibitors, and have been unanimously praised.

Enthusiastic and Professional Service

At 04:15, Nov. 5th, 96 in-session volunteers arrived at the school bus rendezvous to wait for their departure. It is still early dawn, but the enthusiasm and vitality of the students have far outweighed the original tiredness. The service posts of volunteers in this session are located in the one-stop comprehensive service hall of the North Hall of the National Convention and Exhibition Center and the catering area on the second floor of the Central Square, which is in a relatively densely staffed service area. Since most exhibitors and Chinese and foreign guests have not been to the National Convention and Exhibition Center, faced with high-frequency inquiries and high-density traffic, the volunteers did not retreat a bit. Through careful learning and training in the early stage and familiarity with the field venues, they have already mastered the time, place and location information of each exhibition hall. Active attitude and good service style and features have won the praise of many guests and friends at home and abroad.

In addition to the in-session service volunteers, the first batch of 15 long-term volunteers in our school began to serve in the comprehensive office of the expo, the certificate center and other posts on September 23, the long-term service lasted for nearly two months. They assisted the Certification Center in handling more than 600,000 certificates of various types, assisted the Exhibition Office in receiving important visitors from top 500 enterprises in the world, and assisted the public security departments in auditing more than 100000 pieces of information. Sometimes, when the workload was heavy, they woudn’t be able to return to their dormitory until 12:00 at night. Volunteers said: they are engaged in a seemingly simple certification work, but the information review, import data, document packaging are a series of strict processes, are related to the security and confidentiality of the entire Expo. Although they sometimes felt very tired, they were extremely proud to think of helping the country to show China’s elegance in front of the world.




领导关怀 坚定信心

Firm Confidence Under the Care of Leaders

During the Import Expo, Zhu Xiaoqing, Vice-President of SUES, went to the National Convention and Exhibition Center to extend regards to the students'volunteers. She fully affirmed everyone's dedication to hard work and encouraged students to develop their own strengths, exercise themselves and grow into talents. In the spirit of SUES motto, he encouraged students to provide high-quality volunteer service for the exhibition and to show the bright service image of Shanghai University students. She shook hands with volunteers on duty, cared about the working hours and contents of volunteers, and urged the teachers to ensure the volunteers'transportation, food, safety and other work, so as to provide a warm service environment for volunteers.She also took pictures with volunteers from the comprehensive service post, brought a special badge of “SUES Volunteers for CIIE” to the volunteer representatives, and sent some gifts to the volunteers.

During the service period, Wang Yu, Secretary of the League Municipal Committee, Liu Wei, Hubin and Dai Bing, deputy secretaries, expressed their gratitude to our volunteers in the volunteer rest area cordially, and encouraged the students to make further efforts to successfully complete the volunteer service work.


热心事迹 媒体聚焦

Enthusiasm Attracting Media Focus

During the service period of the Expo, many touching stories emerged among SUES volunteers, which were focused by the media and received many praises.

On November 5, Youth Daily reported the story of volunteer Ni Zhongtian and his father jointly serving in the Expo with the theme Father and Son Serving side by side. On November 7, Labor Daily published a report entitled Little Leaf Harvesting Italian Guests' Sincere Thanks. The special edition of the newspaper introduced the story of Huang Jinpei, a volunteer of our university, who has served Italian exhibitors enthusiastically. In addition, the media such as Jiefang Daily, Xinmin Evening News, Wenhui Net, Zhou Dao News and Shanghai Education also made in-depth reports on the moving stories of volunteers.

Dragon TV and Songjiang TV interviewed outstanding volunteer representatives Wang Peng, Wang Yunhao and Zhu Mengmeng. According to their volunteer service experience, the three students described their experience and harvest in serving the Expo. During the exposition, our volunteers adhered to the front line of service, displayed the youth style of SUES students, disseminated the volunteer culture, and contributed their youth strength to the smooth holding of the exposition.


全程陪伴 保驾护航

Accompanying During The Whole Process

Under the leadership of the SUES Committee of CPC,the Youth League Comittee has planned ahead of time to design various aspects of volunteer recruitment, training, security, publicity and incentives around the overall requirements of focusing on Expo tasks and volunteer-oriented.At the same time, combined with meeting the important nodes of the import exposition, the volunteer special training work will be launched in an all-round way, and relevant training courses such as civilized etiquette, emergency safety and post skills will be offered to comprehensively enhance the volunteer's service ability and language ability. Since the recruitment started in early July this year, more than 500 applicants from various colleges have passed written examinations, interviews, psychological tests, language and other rigorous examinations, and eventually emerged as 111 employees. Among them, there are 39 boys and 72 girls, 18 CPC members and 93 Youth League members. Quite a number of students have participated in volunteer service work such as National Cyber Security Week, Shanghai Creative Exposition, World Youth Robot Competition and other large-scale exhibitions and competitions.

During the period of the Expo, the Youth League Committee established a special working group to support the volunteers in transportation, catering, certification, safety and publicity. In the volunteer team, temporary Party branches and League branches have been established successively. Under the leadership of branch secretaries, special branch life meetings have been held, emphasizing the pioneer and exemplary role of Party members and League members. They actively studied General Secretary Xi Jinping's speech at the First China International Import Expo, and the Youth League Committee also designed a SUES-specific memorial badge distributed to volunteers during the Expo. While encouraging volunteers to serve diligently, the volunteers felt the warmth from SUES.