SUES 40th Anniversary Celebration Held

The 40th Anniversary Conference of SUES was held on October 27th in Songjiang Campus with the theme of Integration of Enterprise and Education in International Cooperation; Inheritance of 40-year School-running Tradition and Brilliance of New Engineering Education. A large number of guests and friends attended to celebrate the 40th birthday of SUES, looking back at the dawn of reform and opening up, eulogizing the characteristics of enterprise and education integration and looking forward to the “New Engineering” education.

Gong Xueping,member of the Standing Committee of the 11th National People's Congress and chairman of the 12th Shanghai Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, Jiang Yiren, chairman of the 10th Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference(CPPCC), Zhu Gaofeng, former vice minister of China's Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Xu Yibo, 1984 alumnus and currently vice chairman of the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the CPCC, Xu Zhiyi, former chairman of the Shanghai Municipal Committee on economy and Informatization,Wang Hong, 1983 alumnus and currently secretary of the Baoshan District Committee of the Communist Party of China(CPC); Dai Liu, 1983 alumnus, Dai Liu, chairman of the Financial and Economic Committee of the 15th Shanghai Municipal People's Congress, Yu Guosheng, 1986 alumnus and Yu co-director of the Shanghai Municipal Industrial and Economic Committee, Wang Qi, former deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, and other leaders attended the meeting. Also attending the meeting were leaders from the Municipal Economic and Information Commission, the Municipal Education Commission, the Municipal people's Insurance Bureau, Songjiang, Changning, Putuo, and other districts, as well as leaders from overseas friendly and cooperative institutions, brother colleges, and cooperative units of Enterprise-University-Research. Current leaders, past leaders, retired veteran comrades, representatives of teachers, students, staff and alumni.

At about 9 a.m., the conference officially began. Accompanied by the majestic and spirited flag-raising video, the whole audience stood up and sang the national anthem, and the atmosphere was solemn and warm. The celebration was presided over by Li Jiang, Secretary of the SUES Committee of CPC.

Xia Jianguo, president of SUES, reviewed the university's 40-year history and described a bright vision for the future development. He pointed out that in the 40 years since the founding of the university, SUES has followed the law of modern university development and taken root in the land of China.It has been 40 years of inheritance, innovation, development, and fire passing down from one generation to the next. The road taken by SUES over the past 40 years is a path of striving for vigorous reform and opening up, indefatigable education, and enhancing the strength of running schools and comprehensive competitiveness. He said: standing on the new historical starting point of the 40th anniversary, people of SUES must not change their minds at first, seize the day and shoulder the historical mission of engineering education reform and practice with Chinese characteristics, and start again on the historical journey of building modern engineering universities with application-oriented characteristics.

 The 40th birthday is a milestone for SUES to carry on the past and forge ahead into the future. It is a new starting point for people of SUES to unite and forge ahead, and it is also a new engine for promoting the formation of a strong spiritual force for development. The youthful SUES is bound to stand at a new starting point, with new dreams, relay new struggle.

After four years of education and teaching, the SUES faculty have cultivated a large number of talents. The 40th Anniversary Outstanding Alumni Award was presented to 12 alumni including Wang Hong, Dai Liu, Liu Xiaolong, Xu Yipo, Zhuo Fumin, Yu Guosheng, Hu Maoyuan, Yan Jianjun, Cai Jun, Shao Qi, Miao Jian, and Wu Eryu. Xu Zhiyi, former director of the Shanghai Municipal Economic and Information Commission, and Wang Qi, former deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, jointly presented awards to them. Jiang Shangxin, he Yuanyi, Jiao Fujie, Fang Jilin, Lin Yifan, Duan Chenghou, Zhang Jianming, Chen Xinde, Gao Hua, and Wang Mingfu were awarded the Award of Outstanding Teachers on the 40th Anniversary Celebration. Zhu Gaofeng, former vice minister of China’s Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Xu Yibo, vice chairman of the 13th Shanghai Committee of the CPPCC, jointly presented awards to them.

SUES has been innovating over the past four decades by removing the old and choosing the new. At the meeting, Gong Xueping, standing committee member of the 11th National people's Congress and chairman of the 12th Shanghai Municipal people's Congress standing Committee, and Jiang Yiren, chairman of the 10th Shanghai Municipal Committee of CPPCC, unveiled “the SUES International Joint Institute of Education”. China Coatings Industry Association and Zhongtu (Shanghai) Education Technology Co., Ltd. donated 20 million yuan to the SUES Education Development Foundation, expressing the strong support of the cooperative enterprises, alumni and all walks of life for SUES. The signing ceremony of the Enterprise-education integration and cooperation project for nine major projects, and the signing and unveiling ceremony of establishing international cooperation organizations with 8 foreign universities was also held during the celebration. Shi Jianyong, deputy secretary of SUES Committee of CPC, served as master of ceremonies.

SUES’s success stems from the past four decades of hard work, pragmatism and the discipline of adversity. Professor Qiu Gao, Vice-President of Donghua University, addressed the conference on behalf of domestic fraternal institutions; Professor Stephen Huang, President of Hamstad University, Sweden, addressed the conference on behalf of universities of international friendship and cooperation. Liu Xiaolong, chairman and CEO of Shanghai Jiuyou Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd., serves as alumni representative, and Professor Chai Xiaodong, Dean of School of Urban Rail Transportation, serves as SUES facuolty representative. On behalf of all the students, Song Huawei, a student from the School of Air Transportation, wished SUES a happy 40th birthday. 

The Conference ended in the passionate and melodious sound of SUES anthem; the newly composed SUES anthem with a beautiful melody eulogized the SUES cultural heritage and encouraged people of SUES all around the world to forge ahead. This conference also realized the global broadcast through the network so that the alumni who could not be present at the conference and the people from all walks of life who are concerned about the development of SUES, could share the grand occasion of the conference and feel the common joy and pride.