Our University Achieved Good Results in 2015 National College Students Mathematical Contest in Modeling

The awarding ceremony of 2015 National Mathematical Contest in Modeling (Shanghai Division) was held in the other days. Our University won 5 national second prizes, five Shanghai second prizes, four Shanghai second prizes and thirty-one Shanghai second prizes. In the meanwhile, our University also won one second prize in “Shenzhen Cup” Mathematical Modeling Summer Camp (Shanghai Division), and Professor Zhang Zihou, Dean of School of Basic Teaching won the outstanding coaches award of Shanghai Division.

The university leaders, Office of Teaching Affairs and various schools have been attaching great importance to the mathematical contest in Modeling. Since April of this year, our University has held the training lectures and preliminary of  Mathematical Contest in Modeling; each school selected experienced mathematical modeling teachers to give the lectures and teach students knowledge about line of thoughts and methods of mathematical modeling, thesis writing and computer programming, etc. After the preliminary competition, 75 teams were selected to participate into the National Mathematical Contest in Modeling.

The mathematical modeling activity has become a well-known brand as one of the largest extra-curricular activities; it effectively promotes the improvement of students’ practical and creative ability and enriches campus scientific and technological culture. As an important platform for demonstrating students’ mathematical application and innovation ability and for displaying the quality of talent training, the mathematical modeling activity has created favorable conditions for cultivating students' innovative ability. It is expected that through the mathematical contest in modeling, students’ benefit coverage would  be expanded and an atmosphere of innovative practice would be built on campus.