ATSE Professor Shi Zhengrong’s Visit to SUES

Dr. Shi Zhengrong, fellow of the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE) and professor at the University of New South Wales, Australia visited Shanghai University of Engineering Science (SUES) for international partnership and collaborative research on April 9th.

During the meeting, Professor Xia Jianguo, president and deputy CPC secretary of SUES extended his warm welcome to Professor Shi and his colleagues. He introduced the history and current development of SUES as well as the “four-collaborative” talent training model of “collaborative university, collaborative education, collaborative employment, and collaborative innovation”. Prof. Shi gave high praise to the achievements in talent cultivation and advances of SUES’s development; he expressed strong interests in potential international collaboration. Vice President Professor Wang Yansong and Prof. Shi engaged in in-depth discussions regarding Prof. Shi’s research work and the application and industrialization of his studies. Prof. Wang’s introduction on the unique collaboration of production, education and research in SUES was acclaimed by Prof. Shi and together they discussed the possibility of establishing “industry-university cooperative base” of related fields.

Associated Professor Wang Qin, CPC secretary of the School of Mathematics and Statistics and the School of Foreign Studies, gave introduction in the history, development, current running undergraduate programs and pending application of optics and photonics major at the School of Mathematics and Statistics. Prof. Shi noted that talents were in great demand in the area of application of optics and photonics and therefore it would be a promising undergraduate program not only for employment prospects but also for the acceleration of regional economy. As for founding the new industry-university cooperative base in optics and photonics, Prof. Shi put forward many constructive proposals and promised substantial support and collaboration on his part. Both parties agreed to make a joint effort towards research exchange and long-term cooperation in the path of disciplinary development.

Translator: Shi Huijing