[Going Off Campus to Promote Development] Jiao Yun Group: Enhancing Cooperation to Upgrade Technology

On April 19, Party Secretary of SUES Li Jiang, Deputy Secretary   and President of SUES Xia Jianguo, Deputy Secretary and Vice President   of SUES Zhu Xiaoqing led deans and directors of relevant departments and   schools to pay an exchange visit to the industry-university cooperation   partner Shanghai Jiao Yun Group Co., Ltd. Party Secretary and Chairman of   Shanghai Jiao Yun Group Zhang Liangren, Deputy Party Secretary and President   Zhu Jimin, Vice President Chen Hongpeng and heads of relevant   departments and subordinate enterprises attended the exchange meeting. The   two sides conducted in-depth discussions, reached consensus and exchanged   views in a friendly atmosphere. Deputy Party Secretary and President of Shanghai Jiao   Yun Group Zhu Jimin presided over the meeting.

Party Secretary of SUES Li Jiang expressed his gratitude   to Shanghai Jiao Yun Group for its long-term support and help for the   development of SUES. Secretary Li Jiang pointed out that the   cooperation between SUES and Jiao Yun Group had a long history with practical   and effective cooperation mechanism as well as ever-upgrading cooperation   levels. The two sides continue to deepen industry-university cooperation, focus on   issues including development goals, key tasks, and scientific research, and   solidly promote the deep integration and coordinated development on various   aspects including platform construction, personnel training and project   cooperation. In the new era of transitional   development, both sides should explore innovative cooperation models as well   as strengthen and deepen strategic cooperation. With the increase of talent   introduction force in the university, new research equipment is put into use   and teachers’ research ability is continuously improved. The two sides have a   broader space for cooperation. It is hoped that on-campus collaboration can   be strengthened to integrate scientific research resources and strength,   which will make greater contributions to technological upgrading and   innovative development of the enterprise.

Zhang Renliang, Party Secretary and   Chairman of Shanghai Jiao Yun Group Co., Ltd.,   extended a warm welcome to SUES leaders for their visit. He pointed out that   the second party congress of Jiao Yun Group proposed “level improvement and   innovative development” as the underlying principle, firmly holding the   overall strategy of large scale, intensification, differentiation and integration,   and sticking to the overall direction of the high-quality leap-forward   development of the economic model as well as the low-end to middle-and   high-end shift of the industrial value chain. Enterprises may decline but the   industry will not. Jiao Yun Group attaches great importance to the industry-university   cooperation with SUES and needs technology and talent advantages of the   university for technical support. The two sides can maximize their advantages   and achieve mutual benefit. With many areas of and a huge space for   cooperation, the two sides can continue to cooperate, enhance friendship, and promote   the industry-university cooperation to a new level.

President Xia Jianguo reviewed the   development of SUES in 2018. He pointed out that SUES consistently oriented   itself to the demand of enterprise, seeking support through contribution and seeking   development through service. The development of SUES is inseparable from the   support and assistance of strategic partners including Jiao Yun Group. The   new era and the new journey of cooperation calls for new cooperation   platforms, projects and achievements. It is hoped that the two sides will   establish a industry-university cooperation community, truly realize mutual   interests, emotional resonance, value consensus, win-win development and   shared responsibility, and promote the construction of large teams and   platforms, the development of important projects, the obtainment of funds and   the application for major awards.

Zhu Jimin, Deputy Party Secretary and   President of Shanghai Jiao Yun Group Co., Ltd., on   behalf of the company, expressed his gratitude to SUES for delivering   outstanding talents to Jiao Yun Group over the years. With the rapid   development and integration of Shanghai Jiao Yun Group, the demand for talent   resources and technology support will continue to increase. The cooperation   between the two sides will move forward and their friendship will last   forever.

Director of the Student Affairs Office   Zhu Bei, Dean of the School of Management Hu Bin, Associate Dean of the   School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering Qian Yubin, Professor Yang Shuqun   from the School of Electric and Electronic Engineering, General Manager of Manufacturing   Branch of Jiao Yun Group Sun Xinyi, General Manager of Auto Repair Company Wu   Jiang also exchanged their views.