Opening Ceremony of 2019 Graduation Design Held at Sino-Korean School of Multimedia Design


The opening ceremony of 2019 Graduation Design Exhibition of the Sino-Korean School of Multimedia Design (SKSMD) with the theme “Inheritance · Future” was held on the 19th floor of the Administrative Building on Songjiang Campus of SUES on the afternoon of April 24th. Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, President Xia Jianguo, Vice President Wang Yansong, and President of South Korea's East and West University Zhang Jiguo attended the opening ceremony. Present at the ceremony were also SKSMD’s cooperative companies involved in the joint program integrating Industry, Schooling and Research, including Shanghai Graphic Design Information Co., Ltd (GDI), Star TV China International Media Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Meichuang Culture Technology Co., Ltd., as well as the staff and students of SKSMD.

At the opening ceremony, President Xia Jianguo and President Zhang Jiguo delivered speeches on behalf of the two universities. The two presidents looked back on the universities’ cooperation over the past 17 years, paying tribute to the predecessors who pioneered the cooperation, emphasizing the joint efforts of hard-working teachers and creative students who made this project a successful example of Sino-Korean cooperation. Both leaders believed that future cooperation of this project will be further enhanced, and further development will be carried out in depth and breadth to upgrade the current single-project cooperation mode into a mode with diversified cooperation, hence a distinctive Shanghai-Korea Center.

The two presidents said that the graduation works this year showed greater breakthroughs and innovations compared with the previous ones. The students’ creativity in digital media design and attention to traditional culture reflected their proficiency in art and technology, their active thinking about art, and their attempt to apply aesthetics and artistic skills to society. These works manifested the diversity of forms and the depth of contents from different angles, and the courage of young students who dared to challenge themselves and actively explore the world of knowledge. The two presidents expressed their good wishes to the graduating students and to the graduation exhibition, wishing the students to retain passion and inspiration for creation in their future career of digital media and art design, to love life, and to fulfill their own dreams on a larger stage.

President Zhang Jiguo from the East and West University of Korea granted a Realism Certificate to the graduates of the 2019 majoring in multimedia and art design. President Xia and President Zhang awarded certificates and trophies to three groups of outstanding graduate works.

The opening ceremony was hosted by Wang Yansong, Vice President of SUES.

The theme “Inheritance · Future” echoed our country’s new concept to protect the traditional culture, updating and carrying forward our culture by innovation based on inheritance. Revolving the theme, the graduates' works endowed new meaning and vitality to traditional culture through exploring the charm of it. The students blended the latest digital media technology with the connotation and aesthetic forms of traditional culture to create a variety of fabulous works featuring the virtual display of the future industry, the digitization of intangible cultural heritage, and interactive design.