SUES in the 16th Shanghai Education Expo


On April 26th,   the 2019 16th Shanghai Education Expo towards 2035 named “City·Career·Education”   opened at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. With the theme “professionality   builds talents; ingenuity builds dreams”, the exhibition showcased in an   all-around way the achievements of Shanghai vocational education services in   constructing Shanghai's “four major brands”. As a local high-level application-oriented   university, SUES actively participated in the exhibition, focusing on the professional   teaching concepts in undergraduate education at application-oriented   universities, which was widely welcomed by many leaders and visitors.s

On the first day of the Expo,   the booths of our university welcomed Chen Qun, vice mayor of Shanghai. Vice   Mayor Chen took a view of the achievements of SUES in the construction of application-oriented   undergraduate education, experienced the intelligently customized clothing   system and the UAV simulator, which were representative of the professional   characteristics of SUES, and learned about the latest development of digitalized   teaching practice. Vice Mayor Chen spoke highly of SUES’ emphasis on practical   teaching and application.

Upon exhibition, SUES   presented the achievements of application-oriented undergraduate education of   SUES in an all-around way through various aspects and in separate exhibition   areas according to different professional characteristics of the university,   such as broadcasting and television engineering, fashion design and   engineering, and aircraft manufacturing engineering.

The booths of SUES also   showed highly interactive items with distinctive features such as the UAV   simulator, the intelligent classroom teaching system of 5G+VR technology, and   the clothing system with intelligent customization, which attracted a lot of   visitors to have a try.

The Shanghai Education Expo lasted   for three days. During the period, SUES was actively displaying the achievements   of education and fully demonstrated the university's characteristics in   education.