SUES won the first prize in the Eighth Shanghai College Students Mechanical Engineering Innovation Competition

The Eighth Shanghai   College Students Mechanical Engineering Innovation Competition ended on May   18 at Shanghai Maritime University. Under the guidance of Zhang Chunyan, Lu   Chenhui, Zhang Meihua, Chen Xi, Luo Jiao and other young teachers of the   College of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, the 14 participating teams won   2 first prizes and 4 second prizes after intense competition, and SUES won   the Outstanding Organization Award.

The competition is   sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and hosted by   Shanghai Maritime University. The theme is Machinery + in the   intelligent environment——intelligent machinery for family and campus life.   The competition attracted a total of 730 participants of 168 teams from 17   universities, including Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tongji University and   Donghua University, 150 more than last year.

SUES held an on-campus   trials in November last year. After the examination by experts from SUES, 14   works were selected to participate in the municipal level competition. The   participating students said that the mechanical engineering innovation   competition made them gain a lot. They not only learned the skills of   hardware design and debugging, three-dimensional drawing, three-dimensional   printing operation, patent application and defense response ability, but also   felt the importance of team coordination and cooperation, and learned to find   relevant information. The students also said that participating in the   competition gave them the opportunity to combine their theoretical knowledge   with practical projects, improved their ability to innovate and practice, and   broadened their horizons .

Since its establishment in   2012, the Shanghai College Students Mechanical Engineering Innovation   Competition has become an annual influential college student contest in   Shanghai with the strong support of the Shanghai Municipal Education   Commission. The competition aims to further deepen the connotation of higher   education, and deepen the reform of personnel training mode and practical   teaching in Shanghai higher education institutes. Through the competition,   college students' practical ability can be effectively strengthened,   innovative spirit and team consciousness can be cultivated, and the quality   of talent cultivation can be continuously improved.