[Serving Yangtze River Delta] Chuzhou City: deepening the construction of university-city cooperation and destiny community

Editor's note: SUES has always been responsible for serving the needs of national and regional development, actively docking with the National Outline of Regional Integration Development Plan for the Yangtze River Delta, combining with the reality of SUES, and guided by the strategic cooperation of industry, learning and research. On the basis of going off the campus and promoting development, giving full play to the advantages of scientific research and talents in colleges and universities, during this trip to Chuzhou, the SUES leaders integrated the construction concept of modern universities into serving regional scientific, technological, economic, and social development, and strived for high position, distant vision, sincere cooperation, fast progress, and early achievements and made contribution to the development of higher quality integration in the Yangtze River Delta.

From 13 to 14 May, Xia Jianguo, deputy secretary of the Party committee and president of SUES, Zhu Xiaoqing, deputy secretary of the Party committee and vice president, and Wang Yansong, vice president, led responsible persons of relevant departments and colleges to Chuzhou to carry out industry-university-research cooperation and exchange activities, participate in the opening ceremony of Tianchang Park, National University Science and Technology Park of Shanghai University of Engineering Science, investigate Anhui Rail Transit Research Institute, and inspect the Science and Technology Innovation City of Higher Education. This activity is a solid step towards serving the Yangtze River Delta integration strategy and establishing a strategic cooperation relationship between universityies and cities.

On the afternoon of the 13th, Xia Jianguo, deputy secretary of the Party committee and president, and Yao Zhi, vice mayor of Chuzhou City, opened the Tianchang Park of the National University Science and Technology Park of SUES. Deng Jidan, secretary of the Tianchang Municipal Party committee, and He Jiaping, mayor of Tianchang City, attended the opening ceremony.

President Xia Jianguo pointed out that the National University Science and Technology Park has landed in Tianchang and has become a new innovation carrier for the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements of teachers and students of Shanghai University of Engineering Science. Tianchang Park should be built according to the construction rules of the National University Science and Technology Park. It should closely rely on the advantages of science and technology and talents of Shanghai University of Engineering Science, integrate alumni resources and the advantages of industry-university cooperation education, closely contact with existing industries and enterprises in Tianchang City, incubate high-tech enterprises at the same time, and enhance the scientific and technological content of industry and cultural taste of the city.Relying on Tianchang city's resources and policy support, taking Tianchang park as a carrier, the construction of modern universities is effectively integrated into Tianchang's scientific, technological, economic and social development, serving Tianchang city's industrial technology research and development and upgrading of products, and the construction of Tianchang park will be integrated into the overall development layout of Tianchang city.Relying on Tianchang city's resources and policy support, Tianchang park is taken as the carrier, and itthe park should innovate the system and mechanism of the national university science park, continuously improve the management level, establish an efficient management system and operation mechanism, give full play to the market function, and establish a comprehensive matching incubation mechanism; We will establish a community of shared destinies for university-city cooperation to achieve mutual benefits, emotional resonance, common values, shared responsibilities and win-win development.

Vice Mayor Yao Zhi pointed out that the co-construction of Tianchang Park will provide intellectual support for Tianchang's independent innovation and development. Tianchang will actively do a good job in the park's development planning, talent introduction and other supporting work, so that the park can give full play to its real effects.

On the morning of the 14th, President Xia Jianguo and his entourage came to Lai'an County. Accompanied by Comrade Liu Maosong, a member of the Party group of the Chuzhou Municipal Government, the SUES leaders inspected the operation of the Anhui Rail Transit Research Institute and listened to the work report of Ma Ziyan, general manager of Anhui Huitong Rail Transit Research Institute Co., Ltd.

President Xia acknowledged Anhui Huitong Rail Transit Research Institute's responsibility and positioning in serving Chuzhou's economic development and SUES development strategy, focusing on rail transit technology innovation in operation and maintenance industry, building a platform for scientific and technological achievements transformation and industrial service, and realizing the coordinated development of the company's business and industrial clusters. On behalf of SUES, he thanked Chuzhou and Lai 'an county governments for their concern, support and assistance to Anhui Rail Transit Research Institute. The working position of Anhui Rail Transit Research Institute should be high, the vision should be far, the cooperation should be sincere, the promotion should be fast and the achievements should be early.

On the afternoon of the 14th, in Chuzhou Municipal People's Government, Xu Jiwei, deputy secretary and mayor of the municipal Party committee, Zhu Cheng, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee, Jin Li, standing committee member and executive vice mayor, Ge Jianrong, standing committee member of the municipal Party committee, organization department minister, and Liu Maosong, member of the municipal party committee, had a discussion with President Xia and his entourage .

President Xia pointed out that once again stepping onto Chuzhou, he was heartened and encouraged by the booming economic and social development in Chuzhou, and was more confident and hopeful about the strategic cooperation between the university and the city. SUES adminstrators come for the purpose of high-quality development of Yangtze River Delta integration, high-quality and sustainable development of Chuzhou's economy and society, and deepening the construction of the community of school-land cooperation. It is hoped that both parties will deepen thecooperation relationship, expand the field of cooperation, incubate schocooperation projects, and create a better future for cooperation. Therefore, the two sides should take the initiative to integrate into the high-quality development strategy of Yangtze River Delta integration. The strategic cooperation project management committee and technology transfer center will be established. The two sides made great efforts to promote exchanges and cooperation between scientific and technological personnel and entrepreneurs. Efforts will be made to promote the sustained and normal operation of Anhui Rail Transit Research Institute. Strive to expand the development space of the national university science park; The two sides will also strive to build an artificial intelligence industry research institute and an industrial design research institute, and a strategic alliance between schools and enterprises.

Mayor Xu Jiwei extended a warm welcome to the leaders of SUES for their visit. He pointed out that SUES and Chuzhou City have a good basis for cooperation and a wide range of cooperation space. According to the cooperation path put forward by President Xia Jianguo and the cooperation demands of the two sides, Mayor Xu responded one by one and appoitdd the responsible persons. He stressed: the two sides should build a Chuzhou model for university-city cooperation, form a solidified mechanism, constantly sublimate on this basis, and urge relevant departments to form memorandums of talks and implement them one by one. At the discussion and exchange meeting, Heads of SUES departments such as Chen Sihao, Zhu Hongchun, Fang Zhijun, Gao Yuanqian and Wang Anyin made speeches on their respective responsibilities.