Stephen Hwang, president of Sweden's Halmstad University, and his entourage visited SUES and held the unveiling ceremony of the Sino-Swedish Institute of Innovation Science

On June 10, President Stephen Hwang of Sweden's Halmstad University and his entourage visited SUES. Xia Jianguo, deputy secretary of the Party committee and president of SUES, received the visiting guests in Conference Room 208 of the administration building. The two sides reviewed the historical achievements of cooperation and exchanges and looked forward to the broad prospects for further deepening the cooperation. In the presence of Zhu Xiaoqing, deputy secretary of the Party committee and vice president of SUES, the inauguration ceremony of the Sino-Swedish Institute of Innovation Science was held. Administrators from International Exchange Office, the Graduate School, the International Institute of Education, the School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, the School of Management and the School of Social Sciences attended the talks and the unveiling ceremony.

President Xia Jianguo warmly welcomed Stephen Hwang, president of Halmstad University and his entourage. He said that the cooperation between the two universities has a long history, and the consensus reached by both sides has entered a stage of deepening development and has achieved phased results. SUES will further promote the cooperation between the two sides. President Xia is full of confidence in the cooperation prospects between the two universities. It is hoped that on the basis of the fruitful cooperation, the two universities will develop Halmstad University into a pilot unit for joint cultivation of foreign doctoral students on the new platform of Sino-Swedish Institute of Innovation Science. More cooperative projects that benefit the teachers and students of the two universities and promote the common development will be opened up. The level of internationalization and the quality of international cooperation projects will be improved.

Stephen Hwang expressed his heartfelt thanks to SUES for its warm reception and the profound friendshipfor more than ten years of cooperation. He fully agreed with President Xia's cooperation proposal and hoped that the two universities would further stimulate their cooperation potential based on the increasingly mature project results and taking the establishment of the Sino-Swedish Institute of Innovation Science and the joint cultivation of doctoral students as opportunities.

The establishment of the Sino-Swedish Institute of Innovative Science is an important crystallization of the two universities' more than ten years of cooperation. It is a witness of the two universites' dedication to promoting international cooperation and exchange. It is also a major achievement of SUES’ internationalization strategy in teaching, scientific research and personnel training. The Sina-Swedish Institute of Innovation Science will focus on high-level personnel training and international cooperation research in innovation science, information technology and other fields, which will inject new vitality and open a new chapter of development for the internationalization of personnel training and discipline construction of the two universities.