Education Conference in 2019 of Shanghai University of Engineering Science Held

In order to carry out the spirit of the National and Shanghai Education Congresses and deepen the construction of modern engineering-oriented universities, the Education Conference of Shanghai University of Engineering Science was held on June 18, 2019 at Zhihongtang of the Library and Information Center. The conference was attended by Li Jiang, Secretary of the Party Committee of the university, Xia Jianguo, President and Vice Secretary of the Party Committee, Lu Jiahua, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee, together with Yao Xiuping and Wang Yansong, Vice presidents of the universityt. Academician Zhu Gaofeng, a lifelong Professor and Special Adviser to the President was also invited to attend the meeting. Representatives of National, Provincial and Ministerial Talents, members of the University Supervision Team of Teaching, all middle-level cadres, section-level cadres, full-time teachers, laboratory personnel, counselors and students participated in the conference. President Xia Jianguo presided over the conference.

At the beginning, Li Jiang, Secretary of the Party Committee, made a keynote speech with the theme Keeping the Mission in Mind, Pioneering and Innovating, and Striving to Compose a New Chapter of the Great Reform and Development of SUES in the New Era.

In his speech, Secretary Li Jiang put forward specific requirements on how to better implement the spirit of the National Education Congress and the Shanghai Education Congress, strengthen advantages, complete shortcomings, adhere to the fundamental task of cultivating students by virtuous teachers, concentrate on promoting the transformation and development of the university, and strive to build a first-class, high-level and modern application-oriented engineering university with characteristics. First of all, we should improve our political standing and deeply understand the spirit of the National and Shanghai Education Congresses. Secondly, we should adhere to the fundamental task of cultivating students into socialist builders and successors by virtuous teachers. We should improve the working system of Three Circles, Three Completes and Ten Education, seize the opportunities for the construction of first-class undergraduate specialties to significantly enhance the competitiveness of university students, deepen the reform of education and teaching, and continuously improve the quality assurance system of talent cultivation. Thirdly, we should focus on the construction of teaching staff to lay a solid foundation for the development of our university, with better implementation of the strategy of strengthening SUES with talents, consolidating the sustainable development capability, and further construction of first-class disciplines to promote the transformation and development of SUES. Fourthly, we should promote the reform of the system and mechanism and constantly enhance the vitality of schools. Focus on the system, deepen the reform, and constantly improve the internal governance structure; strengthen the opening, and constantly improve the ability to serve economic and social development, and we will face the world, face the future, and constantly improve the level of internationalization of running the university. Fifthly, to strengthen the leadership of the Party and ensure the implementation of the spirit of the National and Shanghai Education Congresses. We should stick to the socialist orientation of running university, give full play to the central role of Party Committee's leadership, managing, administering and steering in development, thus to strengthen the leadership and overall coordination by the Party.

When hosting the Conference, President Xia Jianguo put forward that Three Complete Education is a systematic project. To improve the level of personnel training, all departments of the university need to participate in, cooperate with and attach great importance to it. Colleges and departments should earnestly study the spirit of the conference. Universities should thoroughly implement President Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, study and apply General Secretary Xi Jinping's essential address on education and the spirit of the National and Shanghai Education Congresses, explore and complete the practical approach to application-oriented training for Engineering talents in local colleges and universities, consolidate the orientation of Engineering-oriented talents training, and hold high the banner of application-oriented universities. The banner of learning will create a new situation for SUES's educational development with stronger determination, greater strength and more practical measures to celebrate with outstanding achievements the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

Lu Jiahua, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee, made a report entitled  What do you think about Three Complete and Education? How to make the improvement? and How to fulfill that? The report put forward the implementation plan of One Strengthening and Ten Promoting to promote the implementation of the Project of Improving the Quality of Ideological and Politics.

Vice President Wang Yansong made a report entitled Analysis of the Current Situation of Undergraduate Teaching in Our University Based on Data Statistics, analyzing the current situation of undergraduate teaching with detailed data, and advising measures to deepen the reform of undergraduate teaching.

Liu Zhixin, Dean of Marxist College, made a report on Keeping the Right and Innovating, Constructing the Educational Pattern of Ideological and Political Course + Course Ideological and Political Education. Wang Guozhong, Leading National Talent and Professor of Electronic and Electrical Engineering College made a report on Integrating Information Technology and Classroom Teaching to Create Applied Golden Course.

This conference made the whole school teachers and students further understand the spirit of the National and Shanghai Education Congresses, and made it clear that undergraduate teaching is the foundation of the University, and that the quality of teaching is the guarantee for the realization of leapfrog development. SUES has contributed its own strength to greatly accelerate the Modernization of Education, Building a Highly Educated Country, striving to run a satisfactory education for the people. We will strive to achieve the grand goal as soon as possible of the Modern First-Class Engineering Application-oriented Characteristic University.