【International Cooperation】Four Sino-US Cooperative Undergraduate Programs of Our University Passed the Accreditation

On March 24, 2015 Annual Meeting of Shanghai Education Evaluation Association brought us good news – the four cooperative undergraduate programs (four majors) between Our University and Lawrence Technological University, namely, Mechanical Design and Manufacturing & Automation, Transportation, Electronic Information Engineering and Automation passed Shanghai Sino-foreign education accreditation. Secretary-general of Shanghai Education Evaluation Association, Professor Jiang Yanqiao delivered the plaque and awarded the honorary certificate for the certified programs.

The four undergraduate engineering education programs between our University and US Lawrence Technological University were subject to the accreditation by Shanghai Education Evaluation Association. The Association assessed the integrated schooling and teaching quality for the programs based on the Sino-foreign cooperative program accreditation indexes and in accordance with the characteristics and laws of Sino-foreign education and teaching management. The accreditation indexes covers 9 aspects, such as the objectives, organization & management, teachers, students, curriculums & teaching, quality assurance, facilities & equipment, financial and asset management, public relations and social prestige of the Sino-foreign education programs. The entire accreditation process took two and a half years, including the accreditation preparation, consultations with experts from the Association, preparation of the evaluation report and supporting documents, on-site inspection by the experts and the voting for adoption at the Accreditation Committee.

Lawrence Technological University (“LTU”) is located in the US city of Detroit and is a technological university specialized in automotive engineering. The Engineering School of LTU has passed the accreditation by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). Upon Approval by the Ministry of Education, our University has cooperated with LTU in providing the four Sino-foreign undergraduate engineering programs (four majors) since 2003. Over the past ten more years, both parties have sincerely cooperated with each other. By relying on the modern industry development of our country and Shanghai and connecting with the international academic frontier, our University has introduced, digested and absorbed the excellent courses, salient education and teaching resources. So the cooperation greatly promotes our University’s education and training innovation for cultivating engineering talents. The education programs have distinctive features, and the teaching achievements are remarkable. Thus through cooperation, our University has cultivated a number of high-quality engineering and technical talents who have international perspectives and are able to participate in international competition.

The accreditation of the four Sino-US cooperative education undergraduate programs by Shanghai Education Evaluation Association lays a solid foundation for the four majors to participate in the accreditation of international engineering majors.