Research Base on Support for Governmental Public-decision-making of Shanghai


Institute Information

Research Base on Support for Governmental Public-decision-making of Shanghai, School of Management, and School of Social Sciences, Luo juan, +86-21-67791468.


Research Fields

Research Base on Support for Governmental Public-decision-making of Shanghai, approved by Shanghai Municipal People's Government in 2010, is established by Shanghai Municipal People's Government Development Research Center and Shanghai University of Engineering Science. The Research Base aims at providing scientific decision-consulting services and strong intellectual-support for promoting “four first", constructing "four centers" and modernized international socialist metropolis, which strives to become the “think tank”, “repository”and “talent library” for the Party and the government. And its function is promoting major theoretical and practical studies in Shanghai’s socio-economic development, among the fields of social security, labor relations, social investigation, system science and system engineering, cruise economy, oriental management, modern logistics, modern city management and the system of theories of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and provide high-level decision-consulting services for the Central and Shanghai’s governments.

The Research Base gathered a group of well-known experts and formed a number of high level teams. It consists of the following institutions, such as Shanghai Social Security Research Center, Shanghai Social Survey Research Center -SUES Center, Shanghai International Cruise Economic Research Center, labor relations Research Center, Institute of Economic Research, Systems Science Research Center, Institute of Systems Engineering, Oriental Management Research Center, Modern Logistics Research Center, Institute of Modern Urban Management, Research Center for theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Since found, the Research Base has provided hundreds of high-level decision-counseling research reports for the Central and Shanghai governments, and many suggestions have become into public policy. It has been an important “think tank” on public policy for the government.