Shanghai Social Survey Research Center SUES Branch


Institute Information

Shanghai Social Survey Research Center SUES Branch, School of Management, and School of Social Sciences, Luo juan, +86-21-67791468


Research Fields

Shanghai Social Survey Research Center SUES Branch has been set in 2010 by Shanghai Municipal Government as the decision-making consultation research base of Shanghai Government.

The purpose of Sub-center is to focus key economic areas of Shanghai social development, using social survey methods to study major issue of economic and social development in Shanghai, and provide scientific basis for decision-making of Shanghai Municipal Government. The development objective of Sub-center is to build a professional think tank on social survey with high-level, which has a greater influence in the country. The main functions of Sub-center are to provide policy advice to the government for developing economic and social policies, and to provide data services for community.

The director of the Center is Professor Wang Hong. There are 20 researchers, of which 6 are professors, 10 are associate professors, 12 are lecturers (or assistant researcher). Organizational structure of the Center:  administrative offices, research laboratory for Social Survey, research laboratory for data analysis, and data center.

Since the Center has been established, it has assumed more than 60 key projects on decision-making consultation of Shanghai Municipal Government and 20 hot projects, of which 3 research projects get important instructions from vice mayor of Shanghai, number of achievements transformed into public policies that made important contributions for economic and social development of Shanghai.