Social Security Issues Research Center


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Social Security Issues Research Center, School of Management, and School of Social Sciences, Zhang Jianming, +86-21-67791040


Research Fields

Social security Issues Research Centre is a specialized think tank on field of social security in Shanghai University of Engineering Science.

The Center has been established on basis of the Social Security Issues Research Center in Shanghai, which has been set by Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions and Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau in 2003. The purpose of Sub-center is according to needs of major strategic decisions on social security reform and development of nation and Shanghai, providing professional, high-quality consulting services to government policy-making at all levels. The objective of Center is to build the first-class think tank in the country on social security with high-end profession and international influence. The function of Center is to provide quality decision-making consulting services for the central and local government; provide policy advice services to the welfare system of enterprises and institutions; gathering and cultivating high-end research talent of social security both at home and abroad.

The director of the Center is Professor Wang Hong. There are more than 60 full-time and part-time researchers, a high-level professional team of composed with experts and scholars are built already.

Since the Center has been established, hundreds of high-level decision-making advisory report have been provided to the central and local governments, many recommendations transformed into public policy of government, a large influence of policy decisions and a good academic reputation has formed, it become the important decision-making think tank on social security policy of government.