Brief Introduction to Women’s Research Center of Shanghai University of Engineering Science


Introduction to the Center:

The Women’s Research Center of Shanghai University of Engineering Science was jointly founded in June 2015 by Shanghai Women’s Federation and Shanghai University of Engineering Science. The center is an interdisciplinary professional academic research association directly-affiliated to SUES. The research fields of the Center cover women’s development and gender equality. The main research directions include Women's Federation and women's social organizations, training of women talents, women’s career development, gender equality and protection of women's rights, family development, etc. The Center will offer a number of courses in the field of women, and the main courses are feminine psychology, women career development, comparative study of Chinese and foreign women theories.

Main research areas:

The Center has conducted nearly ten research projects on the role of the women's federation and women's organizations in the governance of grassroots society in Shanghai, the gender equality reflected and implemented in Shanghai social security policies and the pressure of a family to rear two children and countermeasures. The Women’s Research Centre will vigorously promote the women’s study of SUES and make positive contribution to the family development and protection of women's rights in Shanghai.

Director of the Center:

Professor Zhang Jianming, Tel: 021-67791040, E-mail:

Deputy Director of the Center:

Shen Haiqing, Tel: 021-67791254


Associate Professor Xu Minfu, Tel: 021-67791461, E-mail: