Mechanical Design & Manufacturing and Automation (Modern Equipment & Control Engineering)


4-year undergraduate program; Bachelor of Engineering


Features: this Major is a major under Shanghai Education Highland Project


This Major is set on the background of the advanced manufacturing industry and oriented to the needs of regional economy and the local society so as to adapt to the development trend of modern equipment manufacturing industry; this Major focuses on the integration of mechanical engineering into computer control technology and modern testing technology, emphasizes the ability cultivation in the fields of modern equipment and control engineering. It closely connects knowledge instruction and ability training with quality education; so students are expected to be cultivated into high-quality composite talents who can have a good grasp of expertise and related information and are equipped with potent practical ability, high comprehensive quality and modern equipment technology, computer control technology, modern test technology and integrated cross-application capabilities, master the theories and applications of modern equipment design and manufacture and control engineering systems, and thus solve practical engineering problems with innovative spirits.


Main Courses: Modern Engineering Graphics, Engineering Mechanics, Mechanical Principles, Mechanical Design, Interchangeability And Technology Measurement, Electrical And Electronic Technology, Engineering Materials, Fundamentals of Manufacturing Technology, Fundamentals of Control Theory, Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering Testing Technology, Hydraulic And Pneumatic Drives, Manufacturing Technology, Modern Manufacturing Equipment, Manufacturing Equipment, Electrical Control, Cutting Principles And Cutting Tools, Computer Theory And Interface Technology, Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Computer-Aided Design And Manufacturing, Distributed Control Systems, Electromechanical Transmission Control, other compulsory or optional courses And related practical teachings.


Employment Orientation: graduates can engage in the forefront work of industrial production in the field of modern equipment manufacturing industry, such as design and manufacturing, technology development, application research, operation management and sales operations and so on.