Energy and Power Engineering


4-year undergraduate program; Bachelor of Engineering

Features: Students of this Major are divided and trained according to two sub-directions “Energy Engineering and Energy-saving Technology” and “Artificial Environment and Energy Application Engineering”.


This Major focuses on the two key themes of energy and environment and is in combination with the needs of modern service industry, advanced manufacturing industryand building Shanghai intoan international ecological environment city; it follows up the adjustment of our country’s energy policies and modern science and technology; with the sustainable development and effective use of energy resources as its core contents, this Major emphasizes the disciplinary cross-subjects between power engineering and engineering thermophysics, mechanical engineering, civil engineering and other disciplines; students’ ability in engineering practice ability are particularly strengthened; our universitystrives to cultivate students into high-quality application-oriented engineering talents with a solid theoretical foundation, wide expertise and practical ability.


Main Courses: Engineering Mechanics, Mechanical Theory and Components, Electronic Technology, Fluid Mechanics, Engineering Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer Theory, Refrigeration Principle And Equipments, Gas Application Engineering, New Energy And Energy Saving Technology, Thermal Test Technology, Thermal Automatic Control System, Air Conditioning, Construction Equipment Automation, Ventilation Engineering, Heating Engineering And Other Compulsory Or Optional Courses And Related Practice Teachings.


Employment Orientation: Graduates of this Major command the basic knowledge of energy and power engineering and have related application abilities; with a good grasp of basic knowledge andpotent practical ability, their employment covers a wide variety of jobs in therelated fields; in the fields of thermal engineering and thermal system&equipments or refrigeration & air conditioning engineering, they can engage in design, construction, installation, equipment commissioning, operation and management, energy-saving testing and system security and other technical or management work.