Mechanical Engineering


4-year undergraduate program; Bachelor of Engineering

Features: this Major is a pilot major approved by the Ministry of Education under the Excellent Engineer Education & Training Program


As this Major is a pilot major, it is built on theNational General Standards and the Electrical and Mechanical Industry Standards under the Excellent Engineer Education & Training Program and oriented to the development trends of industrial structure adjustment. On the background of modern mechanics and electronics, the Major strengthens the disciplinarycross-subjects between mechanical engineering and microelectronics, automation, information and management.“3+1” university-enterprise co-cultivationtraining mode is adopted, namely: three years’ learning at the university, onecumulativeyear’s engineering practice and graduation design. Graduates have a solid expertise of mechanical and electrical product design, manufacturing and equipment control, production organization and potent engineering practice skills.


Main Courses: Modern Engineering Graphics, Theoretical Mechanics, Materials Mechanics, Mechanical Principles, Mechanical Design, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Technology, Microcomputer Principle and Interface Technology, Engineering Materials, Fundamentals of Manufacturing Technology, Fundamentals of Control Engineering, Mechatronic Drive Control, Distributed Control System, Electromechanical Integration System Design, Intelligent Control System, Numerical Control Technology, Computer Control Technology and other compulsory or optional courses and related practical teachings.


Employment Orientation: the society has a huge demand for graduates of this Major; they are strongly adaptable and have a wide engagement in the society; in the field of mechanical design and manufacturing, they can engage in modern mechanical engineering and automation, automated detection and control technology, technology development, application research, operation management, etc.