Low Voltage Electrical Test Equipment Research Center


Institute Information

Low Voltage Electrical Test Equipment Research Center, College of Mechanical Engineering, Long Lin, +86-21-67791182, longlin070628@163.com


Research Fields

This research center can mainly undertake making & breaking and endurance test for low voltage products, it consists of touch screen cabinet, transformer, power cabinet, auxiliary power supply cabinet, control cabinet and resistance. This laboratory can easily capture test waveform of fail examplegenerate report of duty and test automatically by adopting advanced intelligent controlling technologyhigh accuracy transient recording and measuring equipmentintelligent controlling and measure software.


Facilities and Equipments

Main Equipment

Molded-Case Circuit BreakerFrame Circuit Breaker, Switch-DisconnectorContactorAutomatic SwitchFuseMicro Circuit BreakerResidual Circuit BreakerDevice Circuit BreakerProximity Switchetc.

Technical Specification

AC voltage range: 30V~1140V

DC voltage range: 48V~1500V

AC current range: ≤7000V

DC current range: ≤4000A

Breaking capacity of test: 424V/10kA