Modern Manufacturing System Lab


Institute Information

Modern Manufacturing System Lab, College of  Mechanical Engineering , Yue Min, +86-21-67791182,


Research Fields

The Modern Manufacturing System Experiment Center is a comprehensive platform for mechanics, electronics, automation, computer technique, network center, robots, NC WEDM-LS, NC robot welding system, NC laser carving machines, material identifying system, three-coordinate measuring and digital solid storehouse. It has many functions including resource distribution and state management in the manufacturing process, process dispatching, manufacturing unit distribution, file control, data collecting, quality management, process management, maintenance management, product after-sale service, product list management and product property analysis. This Modern Manufacturing System has already kept ahead in our country and has become a research and experimental base.

Application area including data acquisition and signal processing, process control and detection, computer technology and network and communication fields.


Facilities and Equipments

1.YR-HP20  6-DOF industrial robot

Positioning Accuracy: ± 0.06

The maximum speed of S axis 2.96rad/s, 170 ° /s

The maximum speed of L axis 2.96rad/s, 170 ° /s

The maximum speed of U axis 3.05rad/s, 175 ° /s

The maximum speed of R axis 6.20rad/s, 355 ° /s

The maximum speed of B axis 6.54rad/s, 375 ° /s

The maximum speed of T axis 9.16rad/s, 525 ° /s


2. YXB-654 Three-coordinate measure instrument

Measurement of stroke: X*Y*Z (mm) 500*600*400

The measured maximum workpiece weight: 500kg

The maximum allowed length measurement error of indication (μ m):MPEE = 4.5+L/25

The maximum allowable detection error (m): MPEp 2


3. CK1440B/PG  Computerized Numerical Control

Positioning accuracy of machine tool X/Z (mm) 0.008/0.01

Repeat positioning accuracy of X/Z (mm) 0.005/0.006

Speed feed axis X/Z (m/min) 15/18

Spindle speed (r/min) 303000


4. VMC-A650  CNC drilling and milling machine

Spindle speed (r/min) 60~8000

Fast moving velocity (X, Y, Z) m/min 36 * 36 * 30

Cutting feed speed m/min 10

Positioning accuracy(mm) + 0.005

Repeat positioning accuracy(mm) + 0.003


5 .DK7632  Slow-feeding NC wire-cut machine

The maximum thickness(mm) 200

The maximum cutting taper degree 6~10°

Molybdenum wire diameter range(mm) 0.1~0.2

The maximum processing speed(m/min) 100

Work finish uRa 1.        

The processing precision(mm) 0.015


6. Lincoln welding system

Power Wave 455M/STT

Rated Output Current/Voltage/Duty Cycle 50Hz:400A/36V/100% (500A/40V/60%)

Input Current @ Rated Output 50Hz:49/45/23/18A(67/61/31/25A)

Output Range 5-570A