Shanghai University of Engineering Science (SUES) Overview

Shanghai University of Engineering Science (SUES) is a local institution of higher education, specializing in engineering science with economic management, art designing and other disciplines interpenetrating. SUES mainly offers undergraduate programs and also offers graduate programs, higher vocational programs and further education programs. The disciplines and majors are highly distinctive and closely linked to Shanghai’s modern industries. The main campus is located in the Shanghai Songjiang University Town with an area of ​​nearly 1,200 mu. Currently, the University offers four first-level master’s degree programs (such as business management, materials science and engineering, mechanical engineering, textile science and engineering), 16 second-level master’s degree programs and two professional master's degree programs, 85 undergraduate and vocational programs (including professional specialties). It has a current enrollment of nearly 20,000 full-time students ( of which nearly 1500 students are graduates), and more than 1100 full-time teachers. The university is honored by the Ministry of Education as one of the first pilot universities under the Excellent Engineer Training Program.

SUES continuously broadens international cooperation and exchanges, engrafts international excellent educational resources; it has carried out extensive exchanges and cooperation with well-known universities from USA, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Sweden, South Korea, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries.

SUES will always adhere to the orentation in running school -- relying on Shanghai pillar industries and initiatively serving local economy. It is mainly characterized by cultivating high-quality and application-oriented talents with innovative spirit and practical capabilities. Graduates from SUES are generally welcomed by the society, so the employment rate has always remained at over 98%.

Now SUES is sincerely recruiting various talents who are dedicating themselves to higher education cause.

Staff Positions

Academic leaders; young academic backbones; teaching professors; this year’s graduates

Notes: jobs available at the university website: or China Education Online:

Application Process

1. Candidates shall provide their personal resumes;

Please send your resume of electronic version as an attachment, and the attachment and the e-mail shall be named as “personal name + job


The resume shall cover the following contents:

Color photograph; graduate institution/education background, professional title, age, contact information and other basic information; personal

learning and work history; research and teaching achievements, award certificates;

2. The resumes are subject to preliminary review by the University’s colleges or departments;

3. Expert interviews;

4. Re-examination and approval by SUES;

5. The selected candidates handle employment procedures.

Contact information

Contact: Personnel Office of SUES Contact Address: No. 333 Longteng Road, Songjiang District, ShanghaiZip Code: 201620

Contact person: Teacher Miao; Teacher ZhuTel: 021-67791252Fax: 021-67791252E-mail: