OM Creative Alliance Club


The OM Creative Alliance is a student organization of SUES for promoting public interest and providing students with practice opportunities. Its main activity is to open Odyssey of the Mind courses and provide a fertile land for creative students to develop themselves.

The OM Creative Alliance was founded in 2009 and is affiliated to the Students’ Association Union of the SUES Communist Youth League. In 2015, the Alliance participated in the World OM Competition on behalf of SUES and won the second prize. The Alliance will mainly offer guidance to its members in manual model production, dynamic balance, energy-saving production and other creative works.

The OM Creative Alliance provides a platform for SUES students to exchange original ideas and shine themselves on their youth. With an aim to develop creativity, cultivate creative spirit and team spirit, with the principle of diffusion of thinking, joint contribution, happy learning, making friends, and by combining science with arts and combining scientific spirit with humanistic spirit, the OM Creative Alliance is dedicated to exciting every SUES student’s potentials, brainstorming, acquiring knowledge in the joyful activities and keeping students growing in the creation.