Flight Technology

Four-year undergraduate ( liberal arts and science students are admissible to this Major); Bachelor of Engineering

Features: this major is one of the first pilot majors included in “Excellent Engineer Education and Training Program” of the Ministry of Education. The students are subject to “3 +1” pre-employment-based training model and paramilitary management. This Major is closely linked to the needs of civil aviation technical personnel due to social and economic development, and guided by the philosophy of engineering education “Being geared to needs of the industry, the future and the world”, we rely on Shanghai aviation enterprises and use advanced flight theory and technical standards to educate our students. So the students are expected to: be of excellent political correctness and ideological quality; have a fair command of knowledge structure and solid theoretical foundation; be proficient in flight skills; have excellent work style; master the professional knowledge regarding flight principles, aviation and power plant, aviation meteorology, air navigation, flight performance and planning as well as land and air calls, etc.; be endowed with skillful driving techniques and flight operations management capabilities. Eventually, graduates of this Major can satisfy the international civil aviation standards ( requirements for the airline transport pilot license), and become senior engineering & technical innovation talents with strong international competitiveness.

Main courses: electrical and electronic technology, principles of flight, aircraft systems, aviation power plant, air navigation, aviation meteorology, airborne equipments, flight performance and planning, crew resource management, visual and instrument flight procedures design, aeronautical information science (including chart), basic of air traffic control, aviation law, flight & aviation English, land and air calls, aviation sports and professional practice teaching.

Employment orientation: the students are subject to pre-employment-based training model. After admission, the students enter into the Commissioned Training Agreement with the entrusting unit; after graduation, graduates work as civil aviation pilots for the entrusting units.