Sino-Korea Joint PhD Program

In May 2014, SUES signed agreement with University of Ulsan, Korea on joint PhD program, with the purpose to cultivate high-level innovative talents with global vision and academic perspective. The program is expected to take resource advantage of each side and to promote the international talents cultivation mode.

Both universities will invite professors from the other side to be part-time professors. Professors from both sides will be selected to team up a PhD mentor group dedicated for the program. Each PhD candidate in this program will complete courses and dissertation under 2 mentors, one being from SUES and the other from University of Ulsan. The part-time professor will spend 2-3 months every year in the host university to deliver courses, give academic lectures or conduct joint researches.

While both universities will share materials and resources for this program, University of Ulsan will give priority to applicants recommended by SUES to be recruited to the PhD program. (Applicants should meet the requirements of University of Ulsan and go through application process.)

While PhD candidates must take courses at University of Ulsan under the guidance of Korean mentors, they can complete their dissertation either in SUES or in University of Ulsan. The academic papers to be published during the program period can be credited with names of both mentors based on their contribution to the papers.

University of Ulsan will grant PhD diploma to candidates who earn the required credits and complete the dissertation.