Jiang Xiaomin


Personal Information

Jiang Xiaomin, Male, Ph.D, awarded from University of Shanghai for Science and Technology. Research Professor, Mechanical Engineering College, Shanghai University of Engineering Science. +86-21-67791181, jxm@sues.edu.cn/jxmsues@163.com.

Research Fields

As a research Professor, engaged for a long-time in the teaching and scientific research of energy equipment and thermal engineering. The research field focuses on the R&D of novel fluid machine & fluid device, of new technology and device for the waste heat recovery and utilization in the industry.

Research Achievements

1. Jiang Xiaomin, Sun Peilei, et al. Investigation on Design Model in Direct-contact Economizer for Gas Boiler(in Chinese). Journal of Hunan University2012,39(4):48-52. (EI:20122415111480)

2. Chen min, Jiang Xiaomin, et al. The effect and mechanism of Nano-Cu lubricating additives on the electroless deposited Ni-W-P coating. Journal of Wuhan University of Technology Materials Science2012,27(5). SCI(10.1007/s11595-012-0554-8)

3. Sun Peilei, Jiang Xiaomin, et al. Experimental research of a novel direct-contact economizer (in Chinese). Boiler Technology2012,43(3):9-12.

4. Project of Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality: Research and application of direct-contact economizer. project leader, 2010.

5. Enterprises commission project:Clean energy substitution for fried-coal boiler. project leader, 2013.