He Tao


Personal Information

He Tao, Male, PH.D, awarded from University Science&Technology Beijing. Associated Professor, School of Mechanical, Shanghai University of Engineering Science. +86-21-67791180, hetao@sues.edu.cn/hetao_cn@126.com.

Research Fields

1. Part Rolling Technology(Cross Wedge Rolling)

2. Vacuum Arc Melting

3. R&D of the apparatus for Production and Test system of low-voltage

Research Achievements

1. He Tao, Wang Baoyu, Hu Zhenghuan. The profile Curve of Die for Non-rotating Shafts with Cross Wedge Rolling. Journal of mechanical engineering,47 :39~43(In Chinese)

2. He Tao, Wang Baoyu, Hu Zhenghuan. The equation of instantaneous speed ratio between roller and workpiece. Advanced Materials Research.148: 322~325

3. He Tao, Wang Baoyu, Hu Zhenghuan. Analysis of Factors Affecting Instantaneous Speed Ratio between Workpiece and Roller of CWR. China Mechanical Engineering, 20: 2502~2505(In Chinese)

4. He Tao, Wang Baoyu, Hu Zhenghuan. Analysis of factors affecting rolling force in rolling zone of eccentric shafts with cross wedge rolling. Forging & Stamping Technology, 34: 48~51(In Chinese)

5. He Tao, Advanced Manufacturing Technology: Peking University Press


Fixed-length wire feeding device and wire feeding methodCN 102328006 A