Hang lubin


Personal Information

Hang lubin, Male, Doctor's degree, awarded from Southeast University. Professor, College of Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai University of Engineering Science. +86-21-67874119, hanglb@126.com.

Research Fields

Robotics Parallel MechanismMathematics Mechanization Mechanical design

Research Achievements

1. Determination of similarity between coupler curves of spatial linkage based on knot theory ReMAR 2009,p 262-266,2009,

2. Hang lubinStudy on the decoupling conditions of the spherical parallel mechanism based on the criterion for topologically decoupled parallel mechanisms2005v 41 9,p 28-32

3. Hang lubin,Single-drive four feet walking robot, ZL200910051130.7

4. Hang lubin Closing and sealing device of plastic object bagsZL 201210134268.5

5. Intelligent test system for smart grid development of user terminalproject no.12510501100