Du Xiangyang


Personal Information

Du Xiangyang, male, Ph.D, awarded from National Ukraine University of science and technology. Associate Professor, College of Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai University of Engineering Science. 0802, +86-21-67791178, dxykcydm1225@sina.com.

Research Fields

Mechanical engineering and automationMechanical engineering testing

Research Achievements

1. Xiangyang Du, Cong jia, Chao Xu. Test point switch in low voltage electrical transient performancesdetection technical improvement methods. [A].MAMEE 2013,2013.75-77

2. DU Xiang-yangCHENG Wu-sha.Differential eddy current testing on radius and

conductivity of non-magnetic cylindrical conductor[J] Journal of HeFei University of Technology, 201084/1:1149-1150

3. Research on the integration of screw nut locking device in switch long delay detection in rigid interference and tacky phenomenon. Shanghai Education Commission(china), DU Xiang-yang