Chen Yu


Personal Information

Chen Yu, Female, Ph.D, awarded from Shanghai JiaoTong University. Associate Professor, College of Mechanical Engineering,College of Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai University of Engineering Science. +86-21-67874103,

Research Fields

Dr.Yu Chen received her Ph.D. degree in Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering from Shanghai JiaoTong University in 2008. She then worked as a teacher in Shanghai University of engineering Science from 2008 to 2009. She was promoted to an Associate Professor at School of Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai University of engineering Science in Oct. 2009.

Fields of Interest

1) Liquefaction and separation of gases, especially liquefied natural gas (LNG) technology

2) Storage, transmitting and utilization of liquefied gases

3) Gas refrigeration technology

Dr.Yu Chen has published about 20 papers regarding liquefied helium and molecular dynamics simulation. In the past five years, Prof. Chen has been responsible for a series of projects, including two projects from cooperation item of National Natural Science Foundation of China, one project from the Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai, and several research projects from companies. Prof. Chen is now teaching on gas applying engineering and its application, pipeline network for the gas transmission and distribution.

Research Achievements


1Yu Chen Qingrong Zheng Xuesheng Lu Anzhong Gu Schemes for producing 1.8 He II and the prediction of the pumping speed for the method of vacuum-pumpingJournal of Shanghai Jiaotong University2007vol.E-121),106-110Ei071810576826

2Y. Chen Y.L. Ju Q.R. Zheng X.S. Lu A.Z. Gu Temperature rise of He II forced flow and its Negative Joule-Thomson effectJournal of Harbin Institute of Technology2009.162),260-264Ei20092412122757

3Chen Yu Fu Yuzhun Ju Yonglin Design and Simulation of the Evaporator for Cooling System of the Blade Server ICMTMA2011 20111EI20111213849193

4Chen Yu Chen Shuo Research on the Potential Functions of Helium in Molecular Dynamicsin Chinese),Journal of Chemical Industry and Engineering2012637),1995-2000EI20123515382101

Research Projects

1. Chen Yu, Particle simulation research on the viscosity of quantum liquid helium, RMB 100 thousand, 2010-2013, Science and Technology Committee of Shanghai Municipality