Chen Shuai


Personal Information

Chen Shuai, Male, Master, awarded from Donghua University. Associate professor, College of Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai University of Engineering Science. 08070814, +86-21-67791179,

Research Fields

Building environment andequipment engineering,building energy utilization technology, energy conservation in building and industrial process,solar energy utilization technology,ground source heat pump air-conditioningtechnology,air cleaningtechnology, industrialventilation technology, thesimulation and measurement of ventilation performance,indoor air quality measurementand evaluation, building energy audittechnology,building energy consumption simulation andthe efficiency measurement for the energy consumption system,enterprise energybalance check technology,heat recoverytechnology in industrial process.

Research Achievements

1. The Design and Application of the Water Temperature Control System for Large Aquaculture Pond, Proceedings of ICMTMA2011.

2. An Improved Purification System for ISO Class 6 Clean Room, Proceedings of3rd International Conference on Environmental and Computer Science.

3. In-Situ Thermal Response Test for Closed-Loop Vertical Ground Heat Exchanger in Shanghai, China, Proceedings of APPEEC 2012.

4. Building Energy Audit and Energy Conservation Potential Analysis: A Case Study of A Commercial Building in Shanghai, Building Science, 2013.6 (in Chinese)

5. Design and Implementation of an Experimental System for Indoor Micro-Climate Environment Control, Experimental technology and management, 2013.9 (in Chinese)