Cai Yingling


Personal Information

Cai Yingling, Female, Master, awarded from DongHua University. Associate Professor, College of Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai University of Engineering Science. +86-21-67791179,

Research Fields

My fields of research include the application of renewable energy in buildings, the comprehensive utilization of multi-energy and control technique, sustainable energy technologies for building

a. Major research directions are as follows:

1. Research of ground source heat pump system

2. Experimental study and design optimization using the coupled solar energy and geothermal energy

3. The public building energy consumption monitoring and continuous commissioning.

4. Analysis of energy consumption of building

Research Achievements


1. Yingling Cai,Shuai Chen,Yu Chen,Professional English of Energy and Environment System Engineering [M]. Beijing: Qinghua University Press, 2008.

2. Yingling Cai,Hua Zhang, et al. Experimental Study of the Winter Heating by Ground Source Heat Pump with Different Deep Buried Ground Heat Exchangers, Journal of Hunan University,

2009.12, VOL.36:22-26,in chinese

3. Cai Yingling,Zhang Hua, et al. Test and Analysis for U-tube Heat Exchangers of Ground-Source Heat

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4. CAI Yingling, Wu Yinlong, et al.The Design on Heating System for Experiment of Solar Energy and Geothermal-source Heat Pump, The 2012 International Conference on Energy and Environmental Protection(ICEEP),June 23-24,2012,Hohhot,China

5. Yingling Cai, Optimization design on experimental system for space heating of a ground coupled heat pump with solar thermal collectors, 3rd International Conference on Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development(ICEESD),12~13 November 2013,Shanghai,China

Research project

1. 2009.01-2011.12Study on solar energy and geothermal energy composite system of building, Shanghai Municipal Education Committee. Project leader.

2. 2013.07-2014.12,“New energy composite application experiment platform construction for the cultivation of students' innovative ability”,Shanghai University of Engineering Science. Project leader.

3. 2012.01-2012.12,“The energy audit technology consulting for colleges, Enterprises

commission projects. Project leader.

4. 2012.01-2012.12,“Measurement on parameters of the rock soil thermal properties,

Enterprises commission projects. Project leader.

5. 2013.01-2013.12,“Enterprise electrical energy balance technology consulting, Enterprises commission projects. Project leader.