Mao Jian


Personal Information

Mao Jian, Male, Doctor, awarded from Zhejiang University. Associate Professor,School of Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai University of Engineering Science. +86-21-67791367,

Research Fields

Precision EngineeringCADComputer Integrated Manufacturing System

Research Achievements

1.Jian Mao,Yuanxin Luo, Jun Liu. Dynamics performance and abrasive wear of the automotive drive shaft.Advances in Mechanical Engineering.Volume 2014,Article ID 713824SCI

2.Jian Mao,Man Zhao. An Approach for the Evaluation of Sphericity Error and Its Uncertainty.Advances in Mechanical Engineering.Vol. 2013, Article ID 208594, (SCI)

3.Jian Mao, Yu Fu Dynamics of Periodic Impulsive Collision in Escapement.Shock and VibrationISSN1070-962220 (2013) 1001–1010DOI 10.3233/SAV-130800SCI

4.Jian Mao,Yanlong Cao. Tolerance semantics modeling based on mathematical definition. Computer-Aided Design and Applications. 2011, 86):795-808(EI)

5.Jian Mao, Shiqing Liu, Zhu Gao. Three-Axis NC Milling Simulation Based on Adaptive Triangular Mesh.Computers & Industrial Engineering. 2011(60):1-6,SCI

6.Jian Mao, Yanlong Cao, Jiangxin Yang.A Transmission Error Analysis Method Using Monte Carlo Simulation.Advanced Science Letters, 2011(4):2474-2477SCI

7.Mao Jian, Fu Yu. Dynamics Analysis and Simulation of Swiss Lever Escapement Mechanism.International Journal of Plant Engineering and Management, 2011,16(1):9-14