Xia Siyun



Professor Xia Siyun was born in Shanghai in 1957 and he is a member of Communist Party of China (CPC). Currently he is the vice Secretary of the CPC of Shanghai University of Engineering Science (SUES) and the Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection of SUES.


He graduated from Shanghai Normal University specializing in Chinese modern and contemporary history and obtained his master degree of history. He has respectively been the teacher, the deputy Director of the Party Office, the Director of the President’s Office, the Director of Department of Organization, the Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection in Shanghai University of International Business and Economics. He has long devoted himself to the teaching and research of Chinese modern and contemporary history and Mao Zedong’s thoughts. As a result, he has published over 20 papers, textbooks and works. He is the co-author of Introduction of Mao Zedong Thought which is the key textbook of Marxism and political education of the Ministry of Education. He was the representative of the Seventh Shanghai Party Congress.

He used to be the director of the Industrial Boilers Supervision and Testing Center, which is subject to the Ministry of Machinery Industry. And he was the director of Shanghai Supervision and Testing Center of De-dusting Equipment under the leadership of National Environmental Protection Agency. He is the Executive Vice-Editor-in-Chief of the journal of Industrial Boilers. During his staying in SUES, he devoted himself to the research of higher education management and scientific research and he has ever presided over many a project. He has written a book, had many papers published and obtained more than one patents.