Shi Jianyong


Shi Jianyong, the Han Nationality, was born in September, 1965 and he is a member of Communist Party of China (CPC), a Ph.D. and professor. He joined CPC in November 1986 and started to work in SUES after his graduation in July, 1987. Currently he is the vice president of Shanghai University of Engineering Science (SUES) and a member of the Party Standing Committee of SUES.



He successively held the posts of the Director of the President’s Office, the Director of International Office, the Director of Information Center, the Curator of Archive, the vice Secretary of Administration Party Committee. He devoted himself to the management of higher education, international cooperation and communication and the management of Sino-foreign cooperative education.

His research field focuses on business management. He was the leading member of the research project Practice and Exploration of Shaping the Characteristic Majors for Sino-foreign Cooperative Education funded by Shanghai Education Committee. He was a leading participant of the research project Research on Enforcing Engineering Management in Engineering Majors, which belongs to the Reform of Teaching Economics, Management and Law, funded by the Ministry of Education. He was also a leading participant of the creation research project the Comparative Research on the Modes of Sino-foreign Cooperative Academic Education for Bachelors in Local Higher Institutes funded by Shanghai Education Committee. He has ever presided over another policy consulting project for Shanghai Government, the Supporting Policies and Service System for Promoting the Internationalization of Shanghai Education and Research on the Performance Evaluation System for Shanghai Education. He has ever won some awards, such as the second and third prize of Science and Technology Progress of Shanghai, the First, Second, and Third Prizes of Shanghai Teaching Achievement, and three awards for Shanghai Decision Advisory.

He also won three honors: Shanghai Pioneer of the New Long March (1989 and 1997), Excellent Individuals for Information Work in Shanghai Educational Field.