Xia Jianguo


Xia Jianguo (male), born in January 1963, is the president of SUES. He is a Ph.D., a full professor, an adjunct professor in East China Normal University and the supervisor of doctoral students. He has more than one titles in different associations: the deputy director of National Applicable Undergraduate Education Committee, the Executive Director of the Fourth Council of the Chinese Society of Vocational and Technical Education and concurrently a member of the Academic Committee,the Executive Director of the Sixth Council of China Association of Higher Education, 



the Executive Director of the Fourth Council of the Association of China Machinery Industry Education, the vice president of the Association of Shanghai Vocational Education, the president of Shanghai Electric Machinery Association, the representative of the Fifth People’s Congress of Min-hang District.

He was the vice President of Shanghai Electric Machinery Manufacturing School from November 1984 to July 1986, in which he furthered his study in the Party School of Shanghai Electric Machinery Industry Management Bureau. In August 1988, he became the vice president of Shanghai Electric Machinery Technical College and in January 2001 he became the Party Secretary and concurrently the Executive Deputy President of this college. In October 2004 he became the Party Secretary and concurrently the Executive Vice President of Shanghai Dianji University and in April 2009 he became the President and concurrently the vice Party Secretary of this university and he remained in the position until March 2011 but improved to the rank of department head.

His research field is theory and practice of higher technology education and he has many books published, including Higher Technology Education, An Introduction to Technology Undergraduate Education, Ideal and Reality: Development of Technology Undergraduate Education, Educational Perplexity in Agonized Travel, Theory and Practice of Four-Year Technology Education, Course Mode Exploration of Vocational Education, and Technology Undergraduate Education, etc. He also has over 120 papers published in many province/ministry-level journals. He was the leading researcher in over ten nation/province-level research projects and won many national and provincial awards for his scientific research and teaching.

He has won the following honors: Shanghai Educator Medal, Outstanding President of Shanghai Vocational Education, and Advanced Individual of Shanghai Vocational Education.