[Orientation Column] Welcome 2016 Freshmen to Become the Youngest People of SUES

The autumn wind delivers crisply and egrets fly together in the sky. On September 6 and 7, SUES welcomed more than 5000 freshmen of Grade 2016 on its Hongkou Campus and Songjiang Campus in an orderly manner. The beautiful campuses became more vibrant with the arrival of freshmen and their parents. Eye-catching signs were set everywhere in the enrollment areas of the university gymnasium and in the dormitories, where enthusiastic volunteers and professional staff provided heart-warming services and directions to newcomers so as to facilitate their dreamful college life. 

Freshmen were required to go alone to the enrollment area of the university gymnasium on Songjiang campus in order to foster their awareness of independence. Though the gymnasium was crowded, but everything went on smoothly. Staff of each department perform their duties, and the Student Work Department set a green channel to provide aids to needy students; the Finance Office set the tuition payment booths to facilitate payment of tuition for those newcomers who had not paid the tuition; the Information Office provided freshmen with technical supports in the gymnasium for their enrollment; in the meanwhile, newcomers could obtain blood test, X-ray examination, vaccination and other body exam services. In view of the students’ practical conditions and its specialty, each school delicately provided freshmen with distinctive orientation services. The hanging posters and roll screens in front of the reception booths could clearly indicate the enrollment procedures and the features of that school. The School of Management and School of Urban Rail Transit showed the real-time dynamics of the School’s WeChats on the electronic screen to encourage freshmen to join the School’s WeChats and communicate with the School with new media; The School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering and School of Materials Engineering made the School mascots to get closer to newcomers; The School of Social Sciences conducted the activities with the theme of “a cup of homeland mud – to collect mud from different places to cultivate the tree on Cheng Campus”, and each freshman brought a handful of mud and gathered together to plant a tree, which means teachers’ expectation for students’ growth in future; the newly-established  School of Foreign Studies made personalized gift bags for each newcomer, which contained the card with teacher’s note, university badge, notebooks with the School’s logo……

More than 300 orientation volunteers spread out in all key areas. The freshmen could receive warm-hearted services from SUES volunteers as soon as they arrived at the University City station; in the dormitory area, volunteers of the bicycle team assisted freshmen to move their luggage from three-four bus station to the downstairs of the dormitory building; volunteers also cooperated with  the Security Office to patrol around the dormitory building and guarantee safety; in the enrollment area of the gymnasium, volunteers guided freshmen to take a medical exam and handle enrollment at each school in an orderly manner; in addition, the volunteers also guided freshmen to take their ways at the main crossings of the campus roads.

In order to provide freshmen with better enrollment services, SUES’ official WeChat released the Freshmen Guide: All Aspects Covering Enrollment, Freshmen Guide: Twenty Questions and Answers RegardingEntry in the University in the New Term, Freshmen Guide: Understanding This Information, Accommodation is No Longer A Problem and Anti-cheat Guide Before Entry in the University to give freshmen various directions; SUES Yiban Development Centre established “2016 Freshmen Institute” on Yiban Website to provide good guidance work to the newcomers and inform them of the profile of SUES, majors/specialties, enrollment procedures, campus culture, campus food, neighboring transportation, etc.; the question-and-answer board of the SUES logistics WeChat backstage offered answers to freshmen’s questions. In addition, the newly-set Red Cross activity room and the isolation wards improved our university’s medical conditions, and the newly installed electric bike charging piles brought more conveniences to freshmen.