Our University’s 28 Projects Were Approved by National Nature Science Foundation in 2016

Recently, the National Natural Science Foundation of China recently announced the outcomes of the projects approved in 2016 for the projects applied for within the specified period.  28 different projects of Our University were approved by the Natural Science Foundation with the direct funding of RMB 7 million and an increase of approval rate by 47.36% than the number last year. The number of National Natural Science Foundation projects and the amount of funding set a best record in the history of Shanghai University of Engineering Science.

During the period when 2016 National Natural Science Foundation Projects were applied for, Our University’s administrative and party leaders attached great importance to the application work, took the disciplinary research as the main line and gave a full play of the “organized research” application model. After release of the application notice, Our University immediately held a mobilization meeting for the national research project application. The university leaders personally participated into the mobilization and relevant schools responded positively to the mobilization, and many teachers enthusiastically applied for the projects. During the application period, the Scientific Research Office and related schools invited our university’s and other university’s experts to give suggestions on modification of the National Nature Science Funds project Application so as to lay a solid quality foundation for the project approval by the National Nature Science Foundation.

In terms of types of the approved projects, there are 3 surface projects and 23 approved surface and 23 Young Scientists Fund projects; in regards to the scientific fields, 13 projects belong to engineering and materials science, accounting for 46.43% of the approved projects; 6 belong to mathematical and physical sciences, 3 belong to chemical Sciences, 5 belong to information sciences and 1 belongs to management science; in view of the schools gaining the approved projects, the School of Mechanical Engineering and the School of Materials Engineering have 6 projects respectively, the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering has four, the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, the School of Urban Rail Transit and the School of Fundamental Studies each have 3, the School of Automotive Engineering has 2, and the Engineering Training Center has one.

With the end of 2016 National Nature Science Foundation project application, 2017 National Nature Science Foundation project application is about to start off. It is still a long way for our university to apply for National Nature Science Foundation projects, thus SUES will continue to sum up the past experiences and inadequacies, further improve the application organization work and promote the number and quality of the approved projects to a higher level next year.