Our University Holds “The Second International Conference On Education For Entrepreneurship”

Editor's comments: As the progression of national strategy “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” deepening, education for entrepreneurship and innovation has become the top task and duty to all universities. Shanghai University of Engineering Science, as a breeding ground for those “E & I” talents, and its National University Science and Technology Park, based on its former experience of entrepreneur education , through a variety of entrepreneurial education and sharing activities, will as always focus on the international, modern, scientific and effective training platforms, strengthen the cultivation of innovative talents, accelerate the incubation of those entrepreneurial projects associated with social development and the needs of the people's livelihood, and thus make greater contributions to state construction, urban development and talents cultivation.

In order to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the field of oversea and domestic entrepreneurship education, the “second International Conference on education for entrepreneurship”, hosted by our university and undertaken by our National University Science and Technology Park, opened on October 12th on Changning campus. Deputy Inspector of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission Wang Zhiwei, Deputy District Chief of Changning District Xu Jing, Director of Development Department of Chinese Institute of Higher Education Wu Yingce had been invited to attend the meeting, together with our university President Xia Jianguo and Vice President Yao Xiuping participating in the seminar. The meeting was chaired by Vice President Yao Xiuping.

The theme of the seminar is innovation and incubation driven by entrepreneurship education. Entrepreneurial mentors from Capital University of Economics and Business, Southwest University and 20 other universities, leading officials of National University Science and Technology Park from Donghua University, East China Normal University, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, and many representatives of numerous public spaces, incubators and entrepreneurs, had shared experience and confusions of education for innovation and entrepreneurship, and explored the effective methods and modes for such education as well with experts, scholars and practitioners from United States, Australia, Unite Kingdom and Switzerland, all of whom have long been engaged in education for innovation, entrepreneurship and incubation services.

President Xia Jianguo presented the leaders and guests a warm welcome in the conference first. He stressed that in order to actively respond to the national strategy “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” , Shanghai University of Engineering science has introduced the innovative entrepreneurship education reform implementation plan, implementing flexible learning system for college students and loosening the time limit for university years. And at the same time, the National University Science and Technology Park has been actively involved in building a practical entrepreneurship education platform, making contributions to the university entrepreneurship education, and cultivating the students’ innovative ability and entrepreneurship.

Deputy District Chief of Changning District Xu Jing then mentioned in his speech that Changning District, by establishing a sound community, campus, park three zones linkage innovative service mechanism, has already formed a systematic construction of organizational leadership, policy support, entrepreneurship training, service and promotion. Shanghai University of Engineering Science and its National University Science Park , tightly connected to the economy and development positioning of Changning District, hold various innovative entrepreneurial activities every year at national, municipal and district levels, and thus build up strong innovative entrepreneurial atmosphere.

 Subsequently, Deputy Inspector of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission Wang Zhiwei made a speech in the seminar. He pointed out that the second session of “the national week for mass entrepreneurship and innovation” has also witnessed the opening of “the second International Conference on education for entrepreneurship” hosted by SUES, which enables us to feel the deepening of E & I as well as the upsurge of innovative entrepreneurial zeal. It has become a consensus that colleges and universities must shoulder this heavy task of cultivation of innovative and entrepreneurial talents. However, in the process of training innovation and entrepreneurship talents, how to achieve the integration of various resources, to optimize convergence of theory and practice and to promote the connection of the universities, technology parks and innovative incubator organization, is still an important question in front of us. Under this situation, SUES held successfully its first international seminar on entrepreneurship education last year and obtained good results, offering a lot of beneficial references for us on how to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the field of international entrepreneurship education, and how to advance innovation education reform. This seminar helps us to set up a platform for brainstorming and creative exchange, enabling us to learn actively advanced concept of entrepreneurship education from the domestic and foreign participants of our seminar, and to further enrich and improve our practice process in innovation education among our colleges and universities. We hope that this platform, surrounded by the tide of “E & I”, will help to bring more luster to colleges and universities in their reform of entrepreneurship education.

After the opening ceremony of the seminar, our National University Science and Technology Park will also conduct a series of activities to carry out entrepreneurial carnival, including keynote speeches such as International business incubation and education: Experience of the southern hemisphere's largest incubator, MIT entrepreneurship education and Alumni innovation platform”, and the round table discussion entitled “How incubation and innovation driven by entrepreneurship education” , The globalized Entrepreneurship Education” and so on.