Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

4-year undergraduate program; Bachelor of Engineering


Features: in line with the direction of “China manufacturing 2025” and “Internet Plus”, this Major focuses on the in-depth integration of robotics with network technology, artificial intelligence and other information technology, so it is not only a wide-caliber major involving integrating robot technology, large data storage processing technology, network communication technology, artificial intelligence, control engineering, network communication and other disciplines, but also one of the first batch of mechanical and electrical engineering majors characterized by web robots.


Main courses: Robotics, Control Theory, Image Processing And Machine Vision, Microcomputer Principle And Interface Technology, Distributed Control System, Robot Network Communication Technology, Robot Frontier Technology, Fundamentals of Plc Technology, Hydraulic And Pneumatic Technology, Electromechanical Integration System, Servo System, 3D Cad Design, Mechanical Fundamentals of Engineering Testing Technology, Embedded System, Computer Control Technology, Intelligent Control System, Robot Mechanism, Robot Motion Control Technology, Modern Engineering Graphics, Engineering Mechanics, Mechanical Principle, Mechanical Design, Electrical Technology, Electronic Technology, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, University Chemistry, Manufacturing Technology, Information Retrieval, Interchangeability and Technical Measurement and other compulsory or optional courses and related practical teachings.


Employment Orientation: graduates of this Major have a good command of the fundamental knowledge and application capabilities related to the robot system. The society has a huge demand for such talents, so graduates have a strong adaptability and a wide range of employment opportunities. They can engage in robot research and development, design, manufacturing, operation and maintenance and sales and other work in this aspect.