Public Utilities Management

4-year undergraduate program;   Bachelor of Management


Features: this Major is a major under Shanghai Education Highland Project.


By focusing on knowledge and technology related tourban public utilities management, students are expected to be trained into high-quality application-oriented management talents who have a solid grasp of theories, techniques and methods relating to public management and strong practical ability, can adapt to the development of China's public utilities, have an international perspectives.


Main Courses: Management Science, Public Management, Public Sector Management, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Public Management Quantitative Analysis Technology, Public Sector Project Evaluation and Management, Social (Market) Survey Methodology, Sociology, Introduction to Social Work, Administration Law, Public Policy, Public Finance, Social Organization & Management, Modern Urban Management, Urban Crisis Management, Urban Community Management, Reform and Development Of Chinese Public Utilities System, Statistics, Information Resource Management and other theoretical courses, Cognitive Practice, Special Topic Research, Professional Post Practice and Other practical teachings.


Employment Orientation: public utilities management is an important field of China's social undertakings; with the rapid development of China's social undertakings and social organizations, a large number of professionals are needed in this management  field, so graduates are full of job opportunities. Graduatescanengagein public service management and other service work at government departments of all levels, public institutions, urban and rural community organizations, social organizations, social enterprises and other institutions.