Our University Participated in China International Industry Fair

The 18th China International Industry Fair was grandly held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center from November 1 to November 5. In the event our University’s exhibition projects gained the best records in history .

The exhibition project of Associate Professor Yuan Rong’s team from the School of Fashion Engineering - “Intelligent Customization of Apparels” won the top prize in the higher education institution division of this CIIF. As a perfect work involving “Internet + Advanced Apparel Customization”, the project is jointly developed by SUES and Shanghai Textile (Group) Co., Ltd., and through which a high degree of collaboration is achieved within the university between the School of Fashion and the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering & Sino-Korean School of Multimedia Design.  In addition, the project has a high degree of university-industry technical fusion and is, with a wide promise of industrialization, also a typical example of R & D under the cooperation between the higher education institution and a large corporation group. During the period of the CIIF, many professional audience were attracted to experience the project, and some of the audience even completed the intelligent customization of their apparels.

The project of Professor Xin Binjie from the School of Fashion Engineering – “Rotary Dynamic Electro-spinning Machine won in the higher education institution division of this CIIF. The equipment can manufacture nanometer grade textile material and is characterized by its high degree of automation, good control precision, nanoscale-level precision machining, etc.

The project of Student Guo Xingzhou’s team from the School of Automotive Engineering - “Portable Multi-function Outdoor High-precision Solar Tracking charger” won the outstanding innovation and entrepreneurship project award, our school also won the Outstanding Organization Award.

Our university’s following projects were also exhibited in the CIIF: the internet + large data track safety monitoring and early warning system platform, mobile rail welding head IF normalizing equipment, portable electronic card, new cloud management and remote escort blood pressure analyzer, portable multi Function outdoor high-precision solar tracking charger, GEO endoscopic surgical robot, large-scale urban rail transit multi-mode intelligent transfer query integration system, high-precision rapid prototyping materials, industrial robot end-effector dynamic display platform.

During the Fair, Director Li Zhimin and Deputy Director Li Jiancong of the Center for Science and Technology Development of the Ministry of Education,  Inspector Jiang Hong of Shanghai Education Commission, Chairman Tong Jisheng of Shanghai Textile (Group) Co., Ltd., Baoshan District Party Secretary Wang Hong, Baoshan District Governor Fan Shaojun came to visit our university’s exhibition area, heard the introduction to the projects given by the persons in charge of the corresponding projects, technology transfer marketing teams and technical brokers. The leaders and guests highly appreciated the achievements of our university’s scientific and technological innovations.

SUES leaders attached great importance to the event. President Xia Jianguo, Vice President Yao Xiuping, Shi Jianyong and Lu Jiahua inspected the exhibition area of our University and talked with the project leaders and staff to know carefully about the conditions of each project, gave their encouragement to the researchers and provided guidance to the student teams. The University leaders also asked the project members of the project team the difficulties in completing the projects, expressed their cordial care and gave constructive comments and suggestions. They fully affirmed the achievements in scientific and technological innovation of our university, and requested the teams to further combine technology with marketing, conduct research and development services based on market demand, amply enhance our university’s ability to serve the society and create more larger economic and social benefits for SUES and the teams.

The Scientific Research Office and the Technology Transfer Center of SUES and the National University Science and Technology Park cooperatively conduct the related activities; before the opening of the CIIF, they organized technical transfer marketing team members to receive the technical brokers training at the National Technology Transfer Center of East China; moreover, they organized the persons in charge of the projects to receive the project promotion training in the university so as to play an active role at the Fair and promote the projects to the visiting enterprises and professional audience in a better manner. By virtue of the Fair, SUES invited  Taiwan University of Science and Technology and St. John’s University of Science and Technology to conduct exchange experiences on the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and reinforce the foundation for further cooperation.

Upon prior application, the Office of Teaching Affairs arranged for the students involving innovation and entrepreneurship projects students to the come to the Fair and know about our university’s scientific achievements. The students can obtain experiences and enhance their capabilities through the Fair in the following three aspects: 1) as members of the research projects, they would be trained to develop their R & D abilities by participating in their tutors’ projects; by participating in the project promotion, their language competence and comprehensive qualities can be enhanced; 2) as persons in charge of the exhibition projects, they will lay a good foundation for future entrepreneurship through independent design and completion of the entire project; 3) as a professional audience to the Industrial Fair, they can know the latest scientific achievements and broaden their horizons, .

The theme of this Fair is “innovation, intelligence, green”, which fully embodies the idea of carrying out the five new development concepts and serving the national strategy. Focusing on the key areas of “Made in China 2025”, the CIIF demonstrated the latest achievements of advanced technologies, intelligent products and solutions in the global industrial field, and fully interpreted the development trend of the world’s advanced manufacturing industry.